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Mobile Mashups for Learning

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Introduction to mobile mashups and worked examples for LMS-mobile app mashups

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Mobile Mashups for Learning

  1. 1. Mobile  Mashups   for  Learning   Dr.  Chris)an  Glahn   Interna)onal  Rela)ons  and  Security  Network   ETH  Zürich  
  2. 2. Content and Analysis Digital Library Communities Training and ADL (ISN Lab) ISN  Zürich  –  since  1994   C ISN Zürich and CC http://www.flickr.com/photos/floridanationalguardonflickr/7096123921/
  3. 3. Our  Mission   Develop  and  promote  tools  and  strategies  for   introducing  technological  innova1on  for  the   professional  educa)on  and  training  in   interna)onal  rela)ons,  security  and  defense  
  4. 4. Mobiles  are  everywhere!  
  5. 5. (source  Google,  2013;  n  =  1005)   Smart  Phone  Penetra)on  
  6. 6. (source  Google,  2013;  n  =  390)   Smart  Phone  Penetra)on   Among  Young  Adults  (18-­‐34yrs)  
  7. 7. Smart  Phone  Penetra)on   Among  VBS  Trainees  (20-­‐50yrs)   1%   9%   10%   No  Mobile  Phone   Feature  Phone   iPhone   89%!   29%   Android   Other  Smart  Phones   51%   (source  ISN,  2012;  n  =    498)   50%  wanted  to   buy  a  smart   phone  in  2013  
  8. 8. Smart  Phone  Penetra)on   Among  VBS  Trainees  (20-­‐50yrs)   1%   9%   10%   No  Mobile  Phone   (source  ISN,  2012;  n  =    498)   50%  wanted  to   buy  a  smart   phone  in  2013   89%  Smart  Phone  Ownership!   Feature  Phone   iPhone   89%!   Android   29%   70%   oks  hardly  exceeded   Other  Smart  Phones   ps  and  Netbo 51%   In  their  peak  Lapto
  9. 9. Most  market  studies  focus  on  a   single  device  type   but   the  research  literature  suggests  a   wide  range  of  different  devices  
  10. 10. EducaJonal  Devices  in     the  Mobile  Learning  Literature   •  PDA/iPods   •  Smart  phones   •  Feature  phones   •  Gameboys   •  Tablets     •  Netbooks   •  Conver)bles   •  Laptops   •  Digital  cameras  
  11. 11. Mobility     vs.    Portability   of  devices?     of  learners?  
  12. 12. Most  studies  report  on  solu)ons  for   a  single  device  type   …  but  do  they  reflect  the   educa1onal  reality?  
  13. 13. Who  really  uses  just  one     informaJon  technology?  
  14. 14. Who  really  uses  just  one     informa)on  technology?   hep://www.flickr.com/photos/28572028@N03/4157395073/  
  15. 15. Who  really  uses  just  one     informa)on  technology?   hep://www.flickr.com/photos/7682623@N02/4158475947/  
  16. 16. Who  really  used  just  one  informa)on   technology  ever?   hep://www.flickr.com/photos/frockenmoone/194259612/  
  17. 17. (source  ISN,  2012;  n  =    498)   Why  are  there  so  many     one-­‐on-­‐one  technologies  for   learning  and  educa)on       if  already  50%  of  the  learners   frequently  use  more  than     2  mobile  devices?  
  18. 18. Mobility  is  not  at  the  core  of  the   …  and  o f  mobile mobile  revolu)on    learning   context,  ubiquity,  and  flexibility  of   informa)on  usage  is       (Börner  et  al.,  2010;  Glahn  &  Specht,  2011)  
  19. 19. Mobile  technologies  will  not   replace  previous  technologies   but  they       •  Extend,   •  Contextualize     •  Augment,  and     •  Enrich   exis)ng  experiences  
  20. 20. WebService A LMS   WebService B LMS   Service App B Service App AB Service App TV Tablet TV Service App Mobile Phone Interactive TV/SmartBoard Mobile  Mashups  
  21. 21. Mobile  Mashups  are  complex   business  logics,  processes,  and   experiences  that  integrate   different  services  or  ac)vi)es  
  22. 22. Where  do  we  stand  today?  
  23. 23. Special  User-­‐Interfaces   aka.  Responsive  Design     (e.g.  LinkedIn,  Kindle)  
  24. 24. Cloud  Synchronisa)on     (e.g.  Kindle,  Evernote,     Drop  Box)  
  25. 25. Special  Apps  (e.g.  Facebook:     FB  pages  and  FB  messenger)  
  26. 26. For  educa)onal  seqngs  we  are   interested  in  integrated  and  managed   Learning  Experiences  
  27. 27. Example:  ISN  Mobile  App   Mobler  Cards   r  free!   Fo Open  Sourc e  
  28. 28. Mobler  Cards’                  Micro  Learning  Loop   roids   g  on  ste  learnin ywhere )me-­‐an Any  
  29. 29. Leverage  the  power  of  modern   LMSes  for  new  mobile  learning   ac)vi)es!   vi)es     ing  ac)  to  learn by  a  LMS   ”  refers ported   “ New e  unsup that  ar
  30. 30. The  Power  of  Modern  LMSes   •  Course  management   •  Student  management   •  Content  management   •  Course  and  content  authoring   ower     ts  this  p s  diver ler  Card ents’  mobiles   Mob the  stud to  
  31. 31. Mobile  Mashup  Scenarios     that  work  with  Mobler  Cards  
  32. 32. gain  …   A Mobile  Mashups  are  complex   business  logics,  processes,  and   experiences  that  integrate   different  services  or  ac)vi)es  
  33. 33. Homework  for  face-­‐to-­‐face  classes   m ipsum … Lorem ipsum … Every  week  a  new  ques)ons   replace  the  old  o nes   Lorem ipsum …
  34. 34. Group  ac)vi)es   Each  par)cip ant  gets  spec ific   exercises,  the  group  synthe sizes   the  knowledg e  
  35. 35. Exercises  for  online  courses  and  MOOCs   C.2   E.1+2+3+4   E.1+2+3   E.1+2   E.1   C.1   C.3   More  e xercise s  becom with  ev e  availa ery  com ble   pleted   chapte r   C.4   TEST  
  36. 36. General  exercises   are  available  to  all   Audience-­‐specific     Assignments   Lorem ipsum … Lorem ipsum … Online   Test   Special  professional     learning  needs     Special  exercises  are   available  to  one  group  
  37. 37. 3  Primary  Learning  Design  Approaches   for  LMS-­‐driven  Mobile  Mashups   •  Time-­‐centered  approaches   •  Par)cipant-­‐centered  approaches   •  Process-­‐centered  approaches  
  38. 38. What  are  your  ideas?                      Try  it  yourself!   PfP  LMS  at  the  ISN  Zürich   •  Authoring  system  (for  trials)   –  hep://hornet.ethz.ch/scorm_editor/     Create  your  test  account  for  free!  
  39. 39. Dr.  ChrisJan  Glahn       hep://www.isn.ethz.ch         The  presented  research  has  been  par)ally  funded  by  the  ADL  Co-­‐Lab  and   awarded  by  the  Office  of  Naval  Research  Global  (ONRG)  under  the  grant  no.   N62909-­‐12-­‐1-­‐7022   @phish108   slidesha.re/phish108   lo-­‐f.at/glahn   IAMLearn.org