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Software development. xp, agile, etc.

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That's what happen when you make presentation and you are really sick and tired

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Software development. xp, agile, etc.

  1. 1. Software Development Agile, eXtreme Programming and Software prototypingPhilipp RukinWeb-developer @ Empatika Ltd.philipp@rukin.me
  2. 2. Agile
  3. 3. Agile || Principles● Individuals and interactions over processes and tools● Working software over comprehensive documentation● Customer collaboration over contract negotiation● Responding to change over following a plan
  4. 4. eXtreme Programming
  5. 5. eXtreme Programming● Fine scale feedback● Continuous process● Shared understanding and simplicity● Programmer welfare
  6. 6. XP || Pair programmingThe driver writescode while thenavigator reviewseach line of code.
  7. 7. XP || CI, Refactoring and frequentreleases● CI - everyone works with the latest version of the product● Refactoring - code only what you need today... if it is hard - refactor● Frequent releases - satisfy your customer
  8. 8. XP || Shared understanding● Everyone is responsible for all the code● Everyone can explain how it all works (even customers)● So everything should be simple!
  9. 9. XP || Criticism● Small teams only (<12)● Really good developers are needed● Lack of documentation● It is hard to develop estimates● etc..
  10. 10. Software prototyping
  11. 11. SW Prototyping || Process● Identify requirements● Develop● Review● Enhance or throw away
  12. 12. SW Prototyping || Advantages● Early determination of requirements → reduced time and cost of development● Increased user involvement → the product will satisfy user desires
  13. 13. SW Prototyping || Disadvantages● User confusion● Developer overattachment● Excessive development● Insufficient analysis
  14. 14. SW Prototyping || Our prototypes
  15. 15. SW Prototyping || Our prototypes
  16. 16. Summary● There are a lot of methodologies● It is hard to implement them for large teams● They work great for small teams● Different methodologies are suitable for different projects
  17. 17. Q&A In Flow Track your emotionsinflow.mobi