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2014 Board Orientation

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Pine Hills Country Club, Sheboygan Wisconsin annual board orientation session powerpoint. One element of board orientation - other elements include behind the scenes Club tour, golf course maintenance facility tour and comments from general manager and club president.

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2014 Board Orientation

  1. 1. May 20, 2014 Board of Directors Orientation
  2. 2. Confessions of a General Manager  Three Phases of Board Relations -”An interruption to my work” -”I will do their work” -”We will work together”
  3. 3. Sheboyan Market Competitive environment with dozens of good restaurants and many of the best golf courses in the region We compete with daily fee courses and area restaurants and banquet facilities Any way that our members spend their entertainment dollar is competition  The need to bring “Our A game” Finding gaps in the market
  4. 4. How Do We Compare?  Comparable number of golf of golf members 180 - 400  Diverse membership – particularly economically diverse  8th best golf course out of 500 in the state  Full service country club  We have a 5 million dollar head start to greatness  Golf Course Superintendent, Golf Professional and General Manager nearly 100 years of combined industry experience
  5. 5. Pine Hills Country Club is a Business Over a $2,600,000 a year business Over 75 - 100 employees in peak season Assets---millions of dollars of real estate and facilities and over a million dollars of equipment The need for efficient and professional policies and management of these resources
  6. 6. “A private club by definition is a luxury. It is not typically an environment where the goal is to save money. However, it is incumbent upon the committees, board and management team to be sure that it is not an environment where we waste money.”
  7. 7. Pine Hills Country Club is a Family  Home away from home  A home with a very diverse family  Making the best decision for the entire family  Balancing “business with family”  It is very important as a board member to remember that balance  Chicago Alderman comment
  8. 8. Demographics and Psychographics  We are a collection of minorities  Age  Occupation  Education and Travel  EXPECTATIONS!
  9. 9. Dealing with Diversity – F and B  Menus and events need to reflect the diversity of the membership  Market for the month – not every event or every night will appeal to all members  Over the course of the month offer something for nearly every group  Plan for the current member and for the future member
  10. 10. Dealing with Diversity - Golf  Degree of difficulty  Type of events  Practice facility  Only club vs. many clubs experience  Continual improvement vs contain costs  Hippocratic Oath  Bunkers, bridges, irrigation  People, equipment, course
  11. 11. The Role of the Board and Committees What YOU bring to the Board of Directors  Historical perspective  Member perspective  Outside perspective  Business Management and Planning Experience  A desire to maintain and improve the club
  12. 12. Impact of Age and Profession  Generation  Profession Entrepreneur Corporate Doctor Sales and Marketing Accounting
  13. 13. Board Member Perspective  Previous club experience  Length of membership  Other Board experience  Constituency Who will be talking to you….? Are you here to represent a constituency,or to represent the entire membership?
  14. 14. 5 Primary Functions For Every Board Member 1. Approve membership applications and resignations 2. Review and approve the annual capital and operating budget 3. Establish and review club policies and objectives 4. Serve as committee chair 5. Hire the general manager  Board Dynamics by Dick Kopplin, President Kopplin and Kuebler
  15. 15. Responsibility Matrix Activity/Decision Board General Manager_______________ Budget Approves Recommends and provides input Capital purchases Approves Prepares request Staff evaluation Evaluates Evaluates others only GM Daily operations No role Leads management team to make decisions  Board Dynamics by Dick Kopplin, President Kopplin and Kuebler
  16. 16. The Board’s Role of Policy Making and Planning  Shape the mission and the future  Level of quality of services and facilities  What services are to be offered, when and where they will be offered  Final approval of Annual Budget needed to obtain desired quality  Decides on capital spending and planning
  17. 17. Goals  Not just survival but success!  More effective committees  Enhance the member experience  Grow revenue  Membership goals  Replenish and continue  Full golf membership  Capital goals  The timely repair and replacement of the club’s assets
  18. 18. Committees Provide Member Input CountryClubStructure Committees AdviseBoardandTeam ManagementTeam BoardofDirectors
  19. 19. Committees are Advisory Groups  Channel for member requests  Provide ideas and expertise to General Manager and Management Team  Develop details of policy for Board approval  Committee membership can provide experience for potential board members
  20. 20. Board Member Role As Committee Chairman  Committee selection  Diversity  Meeting schedule – very few need to meet monthly  Goals for the year  Work with management team and get agenda out a week in advance  Meeting reminders  Minutes taken and submitted for board packet  Informational items  Action Items!
  21. 21. General Manager Concept  “The Buck Stops Here”  Coordination of calendar and finances  Helping everyone do a better job  Management Team  Committees  Board of Directors  Officers
  22. 22. Three Types of Manager/Board Relationships  “We will tell the manager what to do.”  Day to Day Operations  Policy and Budget Issues  Primary focus is on short term problems and solutions
  23. 23. The Second Type  “We will protect the club from the manager”  Spirit of distrust  Great involvement in day to day issues  Chain of command  Limited input from manager on Policy and Budget Issues
  24. 24. Third Type of Relationship  “We will work with the Manager”  Limited involvement in day to day operations  Look to manager for input on budget and policy issues  Make final budget and policy decisions  Focus on medium term and long term goals
  25. 25. General Manager Span of Leadership General Manager Paul Hattimer Golf Course Superintendent Rod Johnson Golf Course Team Head Golf Professional John Wallrich Golf Service Team Head Tennis Pro Art Santos Office Manager Rosanne Latham Receptionist Dining Room Manager Brandon Hurst Food Service Team Bar Manager Scott Kress Bar Service Team Banquet and Events Director Emilie Gerhke
  26. 26. The Country Club Budget Provide high quality products and services in a well maintained facility General Manager, Controller and Management Team prepare budget Committees provide input on budget Finance Committee reviews/approves budget  Budget presented to the full Board for approval
  27. 27. Key Points About Club Revenue!  Dues are the number one source of revenue  Quality and satisfaction generates dues  Golf Carts and Guest Fees are second  Banquets are third  Ala carte Food and Beverage is a service that attracts and retains members – an amenity
  28. 28. Banquets and Club Events  Higher gross profit margin  Economies of scale  In food preparation  In service  Less guess work, less waste  We know when they will be served  How many will be served  What will be served
  29. 29. Key Points About Club Expenses!  Large fixed costs. So volume is important  Largest cost is payroll, nearly $1,200,00 a year  Productivity – making the most of our labor dollars  Sometimes we will underestimate “We are not short on staff we are long on members.”
  30. 30. The Board Meeting  Getting things on the agenda  Is it something that should go to a committee?  Contact General Manager 7-10 days prior to meeting  If possible discuss with other Board Members prior to meeting  Avoid recurring issues
  31. 31. A Quick and Productive Meeting  Preparation and germane discussion  Hidden Agendas  Common mission and goals  Will the decision attract and retain members?  Confidentiality  One hour of preparation
  32. 32. Financial Information Inventories General Manager Variance Report Dues are what we seek Golf Income Food and Beverage Parties and Profitability
  33. 33. Your Questions and Suggestions  Did you find this helpful?  What can be done to make it more helpful? For you? For future Board members?  Next steps  Clubhouse tour  Grounds Department tour
  34. 34. Closing Thoughts  “A politician thinks of the the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation.”  Strategy vs. Tactics  Board is crucial in establishing the long term identity and future of the club
  35. 35. Thank You For Volunteering! Paul S. Hattimer, CCM General Manager