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Rijksstudio Museumnext 2013

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Rijksstudio Museumnext 2013

  1. 1. Video Christian Borstlap for Rijksstudio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aALc4REB3E
  2. 2. New website Rijksmuseum and Rijksstudio, Museumnext 2013, Amsterdam
  3. 3. This presentation →Introduction →Digital landscape →E-strategy →Principles →Concept and development →Results
  4. 4. The national museum of the Nederlands
  5. 5. We are open since April 13, 2013 Welcome!
  6. 6. Welcome! We are open!
  7. 7. Welcome! We are open!
  8. 8. Welcome! We are open!
  9. 9. Welcome! We are open!
  10. 10. Welcome! We are open!
  11. 11. Welcome! We are open!
  12. 12. Welcome! We are open!
  13. 13. The new Rijksmuseum →The (visual) story of art and history of the Netherlands →Let the works of art shine →High tech, but invisible →3800 Led lights →The showcases made from non-reflective glass glued without frames →Come see the art and be inspired
  14. 14. The Rijksmuseum connects people, art and history
  15. 15. Rijksstudio and the new website → Bring the collection close to the public → 125.000 objects high resolution → Large image, zooming in, save, share, make → Campaign with “real” Rijksstudio → See the art, be inspired en get creative
  16. 16. Registration Collection
  17. 17. Digitizing Collection
  18. 18. Former website →Too many choices →No hierarchie →Information all over the site →Too complex →Developed for large screens →Distance!
  19. 19. Digital landscape – Google Art Project
  20. 20. Digital landschape: web or app?: an appstyle website
  21. 21. Digital landscape: task, not device. Responsive!
  22. 22. Digital landscape – sea of images / visual social media
  23. 23. E-strategy Rijksmuseum working towards opening: → Connect people, art and history → Core values: simple, personal, authentic, quality, innovative → New house style E-strategy, largest possible reach of the collection: → The website must be “lean and mean”, like an app. → It must be possible to share all content easily (e.g., by means of open APIs and a prominent Share button). → Other platforms should be used where possible rather than building everything ourselves. → The website should reflect successful trends. Rather than thinking solely in terms of the collection or technological possibilities, we must identify ways of reaching the public. → It must be possible to manage and present content regardless of device or screen resolution. → It must be possible to find information quickly and easily
  24. 24. New target group: the culture snacker
  25. 25. Design as a whole
  26. 26. CLOSE
  27. 27. Web like an app - little choices on high level, but they cover the most important usecases
  28. 28. Close like an app: image first and deep zoom, information secondary Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  29. 29. Make your own sets! Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  30. 30. Save your favourite details Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  31. 31. Zoom in Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  32. 32. Master Matcher: Discover the masterpieces you match with Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  33. 33. Hang your own Masterpiece on your wall
  34. 34. Download your favourite piece and make something! Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  35. 35. Share!
  36. 36. Please touch! Tablet first!
  37. 37. Responsive
  38. 38. All pages are responsive!
  39. 39. The art always fullscreen!
  40. 40. Much used apps like Twitter and Facebook refer to the Rijksmuseum website
  41. 41. Scrum! – the app way of development
  42. 42. Campaign: creative ambassadors and „real‟ Rijksstudio in The Bijenkorf Department Store
  43. 43. Ambassadors campaign: Alexander van Slobbe
  44. 44. Ambassadors campaign: Alexander van Slobbe
  45. 45. iPhone case
  46. 46. Rijksstudio in The Bijenkorf Department store
  47. 47. Results after an half year → Exceeds our expectations → A lot of positive reactions, both international as peers. Benchmark project where a lot of people want to relate to. → Awards and a lot of user participation! „This site is stunning‟, New York Times „Don‟t click here, because you won‟t work all day‟, Dutch television journalist on Twitter → Over 71.000 Rijksstudio‟s → Over 110.000 personal sets made → 210.000 objects downloaded → The amount of visitors has grown 100 % → Visit on the site is 9 minutes, on iPad even over 15 minutes! → Mobile visits increased 100 %, is now 25 % of total amount
  48. 48. Next steps • Integration with Multi Media Tours (Rijksmuseum App) • Upload your own masterpiece • Integration with openingscampaign Rijksmuseum (co-branding) • New artworks by Ambassadors • Integration with Medialab workshops in „Teekenschool‟ (new education center) • User collections and creations more visible / searchable / personal
  49. 49. →Integration Rijksstudio with MultiMediaTours in Rijksmuseum app →Save your favourites during the museumvisit
  50. 50. Opening campaign: Rijksmuseum and Ladress
  51. 51. The bottom left of „Children of the sea‟ Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  52. 52. Openingscampaign: Ladress and Rijksmuseum
  53. 53. Openingscampaign: Ladress and Rijksmuseum
  54. 54. Openingscampaign: Albert Heijn milk cartons
  55. 55. Aura lost?
  56. 56. Virtual aura!
  57. 57. Virtual aura enhances the aura of the original artwork!
  58. 58. Curators!
  59. 59. Bottom left
  60. 60. The bottom left of „Children of the sea‟ Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  61. 61. Skating owls Maar gebruik beeld zoveel mogelijk vullend en groot
  62. 62. Rijksstudio →Questions? →@pgorgels

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