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Marketing mix of amazon

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AMAZON ideas

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Marketing mix of amazon

  1. 1. Marketing mix of Amazon Amazon is one of the world’s biggest online retailers,selling a vast array of goods 1995 – A has been concepted 2013 - Amazon employs 117, 300 members of staff Global net revenue of 74.45 billion US dollars A has around 240 million customer accounts worldwide
  2. 2. July 2013 - Amazon launched its services in India The site is ranked as the 27th most popular in India - 4.2% of all Amazon customers coming from this country Product in the marketing mix of Amazon A is an international ecommerce company Connections to the internet – everything plus phones and tablets - allow all customers to browse and purchase products ride away – products are delivered to the customer thru delivery service companies A has made a great product base - sells everything needs:  Kindle  Books  DVDs  Mobile phones/tablets  Gaming consoles and games  Clothes for men/women and children  Jewellery  Gardening equipment First time A sold books - Kindly (Ebook reader from Amazon)
  3. 3. Place in the marketing mix of Amazon - customer service bases in many of the countries - most bases being located in the different states of the USA - Promotion in the marketing mix of Amazon - broadcast television commercials – specially in USA - uses advertising networks online - it should start with an ‘a’ – concept of founder of Amazon - A in INDIA is best source of promotion – called “word of mouth” - The traffic of Ais being taken over fast by Flipkart, so, much more is needed in the promotions department
  4. 4. Price in the marketing mix of Amazon Amazon is competitive when we talk about prices. At books, A offers you always a new or a used copy adding a right cheapest price and condition. Other capacity of A is pay to have a premium account, providing faster deliveries. - keep their prices competitive - minimum numbers – but very well trained - you can see the positivity and professionalism of A in the prices on line REFERENCES Marketing Mix of Amazon, Article by Hitesh BhasinDecember 2, 2016