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Raising Kids God’s Way

Raising children the right way is a tough job for any parent. However, it is important to remember that you may just be the most important factor in helping guide your children towards a better relationship with God. While there is no instruction manual when it comes to raising our children in God’s way, there are things you can do to help guide them in growing their faith.

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Raising Kids God’s Way

  1. 1. www.petranation.org RAISING KIDS GOD’S WAY
  2. 2. Raising children that love the Lord is a tough job. Every Christian parent faces this daily struggle. How can we ensure that our children follow God? How do we know for sure that we are doing our best? What does the Bible say about it? These are hard questions! This is tough stuff! However, we really can raise kids God’s way. Here are a few ideas to help us along in that endeavor. www.petranation.org A Faith-Filled Endeavor
  3. 3. Passing on Your Faith to Your Children www.petranation.org • Live your faith • Share your faith • Believe God for a harvest
  4. 4. LIVING YOUR FAITH Be Genuine Make sure YOU believe what you’re trying to teach your kids! Be a Blessing Make blessing those around you the pattern of YOUR life, and your kids will follow.
  5. 5. LIVING YOUR FAITH Be Early Children can come to faith in Jesus as early as three years old, so don’t wait for them to be “old enough” to start sharing your faith! Be Active Be active in your church.
  6. 6. SHARING YOUR FAITH Be Consistent Be consistent in reading the Bible. Find ways to make scripture come alive for them, and make family devotions a priority in your family’s routine!
  7. 7. SHARING YOUR FAITH Be Creative Where your child’s entertainment and friendships are concerned, try to provide them with many opportunities to grow and learn. Instead of forbidding music or movies or playdates, find ways to incorporate Christ into those times of enjoyment.
  8. 8. SHARING YOUR FAITH Be Clear Make sure that your child understands the benefits of faith in Jesus! Don’t let them think that your faith is just an obligation to be fulfilled. Fill them in on the joys and rewards of knowing Christ personally! (A home in Heaven, unconditional love, freedom from sin, a life of purpose.)
  9. 9. Being a parent can be an overwhelming job, and it’s easy to start asking yourself, “How am I ever going to do this right?” but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep in mind that if YOU are living your life for Christ, imparting biblical principals through your words and actions, your child will see the and learn to live by faith too. www.petranation.org Expect a Harvest
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