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Blueprint to Building Your Commerce Re-Platform Business Case

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Designing, building, and implementing a top-notch eCommerce experience requires a lot of planning, strategy, time, and the right technology. Moving to a next-generation platform is the perfect opportunity to review the state of your commerce business and build the business case that aligns with your organization’s strategy and business model.

Grab the full guide where we outline the key items to include in your business case for a new commerce platform:

Establish a baseline
Identify business goals and objectives
Define the customer and current customer experience
Outline success metrics and key performance indicators
Evaluate TCO and ROI models

Get the guide here: http://buff.ly/2hfRkpn

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Blueprint to Building Your Commerce Re-Platform Business Case

  1. 1. SOURCES 1 “Commerce Technology Continues Its Bull Run,” Forrester 2 “Understanding TCO When Evaluating eCommerce Solutions,” Forrester Research 3 “Understanding TCO When Evaluating eCommerce Solutions,” Forrester Research 4 “Mobile commerce will be nearly half of e-commerce by 2018,” Internet Retailer 5 “Understanding TCO When Evaluating eCommerce Solutions,” Forrester Research 6 “Understanding TCO When Evaluating eCommerce Solutions,” Forrester Research @PRFTDigital Facebook.com/PerficientDigital Blogs.Perficient.com/PerficientDigital Blogs.Perficient.com/DigExPlatforms LEARN MORE BY DOWNLOADING OUR GUIDE. GET OUR GUIDE Perficient Digital blends the strategic imagination of an agency with the deep technical acumen of Perficient’s established consultancy to deliver exceptional customer experiences for the world’s biggest brands. PerficientDigital.com Be confident in your investment by calculating total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) over a 2-to-3-year timeframe. 54% of eCommerce executives say re-platforming is a top priority over the next year1 1. ESTABLISH A BASELINE 2. IDENTIFY BUSINESS GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 3. DEFINE YOUR CUSTOMER BASE AND EXPERIENCE 4. OUTLINE SUCCESS METRICS AND KPIS 5. EVALUATE TCO & ROI Identify existing platform challenges, and understand key performance indicators for customer growth, sales, and capacity. 74% of online retailers fear their current platforms won’t scale for future growth2 Chart your path to success by outlining measurable business objectives and goals. Get it right the first time: Most eCommerce stores re-platform every 2-to-3 years3 Ensure future growth and profitability when you deliver an engaging CX. By 2018, mobile commerce sales will come from: SMARTPHONES 28% TABLETS 72% 4 Define and agree upon KPIs so that you choose a platform to help you reach your eCommerce goals. Top 3 reasons companies re-platform 58% 56% 51% to improve business agility to lower operational and ownership costs look to support multichannel initiatives5 43% of commerce implementations have higher TCO than predicted6 Before researching solutions, take the time to understand how various platforms’ capabilities will add value to your organization and improve the customer experience. Follow this blueprint to build a solid foundation for your commerce re-platform project. BLUEPRINT TO BUILDING YOUR COMMERCE RE-PLATFORM BUSINESS CASE Moving to a next-generation eCommerce platform? Start by building a business case and reviewing these five key components of your digital commerce business.