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Organization Design for Cancer Clinic

PeopleWiz partnered with a renowned Ayurvedic Cancer Clinic to develop culture of patient centricity with a focus on clinical excellence

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Organization Design for Cancer Clinic

  1. 1. PeopleWiz partnered with a renowned Ayurvedic Cancer Clinic to develop culture of patient centricity with a focus on clinical excellence Having established itself as a respected clinical practice, the management was keen to launch a franchise model and explore joint venture with international players to bring benefits of Ayurveda to a larger audience. The main challenges were seen as lack of doctors who were not only trained in Ayurveda but also committed to patient centricity. Business Challenge It was seen imperative by the the founders to run the clinics as an organization by bringing the best of management principles, product development processes, employee capability development mechanisms. They wanted to create an organization that attracted the best brains in Ayurveda and delivered its cancer solutions in the most patient friendly manner. PeopleWiz had a mandate to design an agile organization that would support internal research as well as manage the franchisees to ensure clinical excellence. Organization Design To design the Organization Structure aligned with the Clinic’s objective, PeopleWiz consultants conducted internal workshops and referenced external literature. Successful franchisee models were studied and their best practices were understood. Special focus was given to the OPD process, appointment management, billing process, medicine preparation and delivery process. The Organization design that was created included the corporate structure, operations structure and a separate Knowledge structure to house the research and development wing. The interactions between various functions were mapped and an operating procedure was developed for clinics. Opportunities for automation of processes were presented. Culture Cultivation One of the major deliverable was to create and implement a blueprint for the culture of Patient centricity. Vision, Values and mission statements were created and a code of conduct was proposed. Extensive employee communication exercises were carried out to ensure that employees understand expected behaviors. Success measures that will indicate a strong Patient centric culture ( e.g. reduction in patient waiting time) were identified and weaved into the performance management scheme. The leadership was coached to review the right measures of performance and employee contribution. PeopleWiz’s Involvement The Organization now has a clear roadmap on how to achieve the strategic objectives. With regular implementation support from PeopleWiz consultants, the management is able to monitor progress and track major milestones. Patient feedback has improved by 4 rating pointts. The company is now poised to launch more clinics and franchises. PeopleWiz continues to provide advisory services on People Management and successful business change. Business Benefits The Clinic provides its unique Ayurvedic Cancer solutions, where they focus on increasing the quality of life of patients . The Clinic also provides clinical solutions like Panchakarma, Yoga and Diet for cancer and general patients. Being a research driven clinical practice, the focus is to study, document and publish results that can help in creation of more effective cancer solutions using Ayurveda as the foundation. With multiple clinics, research wing and manufacturing facility, they have developed an ecosystem to promote Ayurveda through - Client Overview 1. Medicine Manufacturing 2. Ayurveda Research 3. Tie up with Research labs / Academic institutes 4. Preventive wellness 5. Cancer Awareness 6. Ayurveda Education