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Android Design Patterns

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Android UX-UI Design Patterns Introduction

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Android Design Patterns

  1. @fernando_cejaswww.fernandocejas.com
  2. Who am I?• Barcelona GDG Organizer• NFC, Android and Agile Geek• Android10.org• NFC Actions App• Flojack (@flomio)• @fernando_cejas• http://www.fernandocejas.com/
  3. Agenda• User Interface• User Experience• Usability• Android Design Patterns• Examples• Advices
  4. WTF?
  5. WTF?
  6. WTF?
  7. What is User Interface? (UI)• A common boundary or surface between the interactive system and the user• All elements which provide communication between the interactive system and the user
  8. Elements of a User Interface
  9. What is User Interface Design?• User interface design is the process of supporting the tasks (goals) of the user, ideally in a friendly and articulate manner
  10. What about User Experience (UX)?• “A person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, interactive system, or service.” –ISO9241-210
  11. What is Usability?• Usability means that a person using a system finds it easy to understand and use• A usable system allows a person to focus on their tasks, and not on the system itself• A usable system most often does what a! person expects
  12. Usability Iceberg Visuals Cues, feedback, and aestheticsInteractionTechniquesKeyboard and mousemappings, menus,feedback, etc.
  13. Android Design Patterns
  14. What is a Design Pattern?• It’s a design solution to a recurring problem• It’s also about not reinventing the wheel.• People want to use what they have learnt already using the phone
  15. Things change… Isn’t it?
  16. Ice Cream Sandwich! Android 4.0• A big quality step• Mature, stable and elegant
  17. For Smartphones and Tablets• Different devices have different usability
  18. Android Main Themes• Holo Light and Holo Dark
  19. Gestures
  20. Application Structure
  21. Application Structure
  22. Navigation with Back and Up
  23. Action Bar
  24. Action Bar• Consider split it when having many elements
  25. Multi-pane Layouts
  26. Multi-pane Layouts
  27. Swipe Views• Navigate with gestures through the content
  28. Contextual Action Bar
  29. Sliding Menu• Replaces the dashboard? (deprecated?)
  30. Pure Android
  31. ActionBarSherlock
  32. UI/UX Examples Beautiful… Sweeeet!!!!
  33. UI/UX Examples
  34. UI/UX Examples
  35. UI/UX Examples
  36. Useful Links• Android Design Official• ActionBar Sherlock• Nine Old Androids• Android UI Patterns
  37. Some advice…• Dont port the UI from other platforms• Dont override the behavior of system buttons• Know your user and get feedback from him• Test on real users, early and often• Do what the user expects• The most common operations should be visible• Dont reinvent the wheel
  38. Any questions?
  39. Thanks!When you look at the dark side, careful you must be ... for the dark side looks back. @fernando_cejas www.fernandocejas.com