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Pre production


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Pre production

  1. 1. Pre production
  2. 2. Story Board
  3. 3. Production schedule
  4. 4. Script Voice over: 26 letters, 48 hours, 52 days Detective: Time of death between 10 and 11 Murderer: 9 down 17 left
  5. 5. Equipment Canon 1100d Tripod 16 GB SD card I am going to use the schools equipment so it wont cost me anything
  6. 6. Locations The side of the courts is a good place as it is in school and looks a bit like a ally The clock is a important shot as it emphasises the time frame the detectives have to find the killer I have chosen to film the desk in the classroom as it looks like a office and I have access to it This is good as it looks like a board that a scheme could be written on
  7. 7. Health and Safety I will need to stand on a step ladder to film one of my themes to make this safer I will get someone to hold the step ladder to make sure that it doesn’t wobble.
  8. 8. legal and ethical  The law says I have to have parents permission before filming children so every child who appears in my trailer will be given one of these they need to get there parents to sign
  9. 9. Cast and Crew Victim- Ben Victim- Brooke Murderer- Zoe Peaty Civilian- Jozie