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Augmented reality activity. Trickster Challenge

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Use AR to discover our tricky tricksters and practise english phonics. Includes a mash-app activity to collaborate with a global phonics board

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Augmented reality activity. Trickster Challenge

  1. 1. In this box you will develop…
  2. 2. In this box you will find… Smartphone (IOS) e phon Head
  3. 3. THE BIG QUESTION Have you ever seen a trickster phonic? Can you imagine how they might look like? They are nearer than you think…
  4. 4. THE TASK Participate on a collaborative phonics board on Facebook or on Pinterest
  5. 5. THE ACTIVITIES Download from Itunes the Phonic trickster APP https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/our-discovery-islandphonic/id673987542?mt=8
  6. 6. THE ACTIVITIES Touch the Icon The following screens will appear Choose a trickster This is the Pearson Phonics Bank Ooops!! There´s a thief! He´s stealing a sound! You have to catch him!
  7. 7. THE ACTIVITIES Look around you through your phone…it has to be somewhere…look! There it is! Catch him by pressing the camera icon shown on the screen Now you have to answer a question about the stolen sound
  9. 9. THE ACTIVITIES Ok, now that you know how it works… let´s give it a Twist!
  11. 11. THE #TRICKSTERCHALLENGE Catch and screenshoot the trickster in front of a place whose name contains the sound you are chasing. For example, if you are chasing the sound “o” chase it when he is in front of a “rock”
  12. 12. How to screenshoot to save the picture? While you are chasing it screenshoot the picture and save it in the library
  13. 13. THE ACTIVITIES Now let´s open an image editing app to add written information. https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/instafonts/id549954197
  14. 14. THE ACTIVITIES Open the screenshot you did before
  15. 15. THE ACTIVITIES Label the picture. “I caugh this trickster on a ___”
  16. 16. FINAL OUTCOME Save it in the gallery. Share it on Facebook telling where was it caught and add #tricksterchallenge Let´s create a collaborative phonics board with pictures from all over the world!
  17. 17. Any doubts?…contact me! Marta Cervera Moliner Marta.cervera@pearson.com @martacervera https://www.facebook.com/marta.cervera.359 eltlearningjourneys.wordpress.com
  18. 18. Looking for more ideas? http://eltlearningjourneys.com/