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Ict for Christmas

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ICT ideas for Christmas!

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Ict for Christmas

  1. 1. Try to choose tools that let your students create and produce something, not just receive information, so you can enhace those autonomous skills that can make them feel that they are capable of creating something, while increasing their selfconfidence.
  2. 2. Visit the Interactive Advent calendar st ue Aq ay yd ver e http://www.pearsonelt.es/adventcalendar/
  3. 3. Create some digital paper toys with Paper Critters is a great site that allows you to create, share and download paper toys like these ones…
  4. 4. Create and costumize them online
  5. 5. Download and print them… Follow the instructions And play with your own creations!
  6. 6. Go to http://papercritters.com/pc1.php Create a new toy Find readymade toys
  7. 7. You can use these shapes to create the toy Or upload your own images
  8. 8. Let’s upload our own pictures Choose a picture from your drive
  9. 9. Once uploaded, click on the image And place it
  10. 10. Click to drop the image And preview your toy in 3D
  11. 11. Now you can... Save it Print it
  12. 12. Now you can... Embed it Share it
  13. 13. It’s your turn!
  14. 14. Try it with these pictures…
  15. 15. A present for you…
  16. 16. Rudolph’s mummy
  17. 17. Santa Claus
  18. 18. Rudolph
  19. 19. Prancer
  20. 20. Donner
  21. 21. Dasher
  22. 22. Dancer
  23. 23. Cupid
  24. 24. Comet
  25. 25. Blitzen
  26. 26. Vixen
  27. 27. Or download them from http://papercritters.com/pc1.php Search by Creator: Marta Cervera
  28. 28. Paper Critters also has an App for IOS. (It doesn’t have the upload your picture function) You can use the scripts published in this post http://eltlearningjourneys.com/2013/12/09/to-all-the-rudolphs-around/ Create a Stop Motion movie with your pupils using the script and the puppets!
  29. 29. Looking for more ideas? Visit our blog http://eltlearningjourneys.com