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College Website Development - India, Gujarat, Mumbai

pCube Software Solution developed user friendly and fully 360 degree dynamic website portal for all over India colleges. it is very easy to use and operate your self through admin control panel. Sales Contact : 09409422824 | Demo URL : http://college.pcubeweb.com Company Website : http://www.pcubeweb.com
Hosting Website : http://www.reseller99.com | http://www.quickhosting.in

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College Website Development - India, Gujarat, Mumbai

  1. 1. COLLEGE WEBSITE PORTAL Developed By : pCube Software Solution
  2. 2. Company Profile 7 Year Experience 8 Dedicated Members Team 500+ website Developed 1800+ Hosting Customer
  3. 3. Our Web Portals College Web Portals School Web Portals ITI Web Portals Doctor Web Portals Tour Web Portals Car Web Portals Our College Portal
  4. 4. College Website Portal Student Corner Management Online Admission Exam Result Exam Timetable Staff Detail Photo Gallery
  5. 5.  Easy & Powerful Admin Control Panel.  Free Gujarati language Help file for Website Updation.  Dedicated Support Team.  More the 35 Futures included.  Multi Languages supported.  Upload multiple photos on one click.  Hosting and Domain Registration charges included.  Get Free 5GB Hosting Space.  No Hidden Cost.
  6. 6. College Portals Features Features Provide Own Domain Yes (www.yourcollegename.org) Website Hosting Space 5 GB Own Email ID Yes Web page Unlimited Notice Board Yes Update Events Yes Update news Yes About us Yes Vision and Mission Yes Objective Yes
  7. 7. Features Continue Features Provide Management Yes Staff Details Yes Student Corner Yes Facility Yes Exam time table Yes Year Planning Unlimited College Result Yes [PDF Format] Form Download Yes Statistics Report Yes General Download Yes
  8. 8. Features Continue Features Provide Career apply now Yes Admission process Yes Student creation Yes Photo gallery Yes Video Gallery Yes Feedback Yes Website Admin Panel Yes
  9. 9. Our College Portals
  10. 10. => Enter Email and Password which Already provided to you.
  11. 11. Screen Will be Display like below type :
  12. 12. If You want to change your header image. Like change About us image.
  13. 13. Just click on Top Images -> about college image
  14. 14. Click on about college image, one screen will be open click on New button then below screen will be open Click on Browse button, select your header image which you Want to add then click on submit button..
  15. 15. If you want to add about college, vision and mission, History and Contact Us then you click on about menu. Like Below.
  16. 16. If you want to change about college content like below Welcome to our Website
  17. 17. Then you click on about -> about college. Click on edit button if about college content is already exist other wise click on New Button, below screen will be display. Enter Title whatever you want, Enter Details and copy the title And paste in url then click on submit button.
  18. 18. Change Information Which Provided Below Management Staff Facilities College Statistics Time Table Exam Time Table Year Planning Web Page News Events Notice Student creation College Result College Form Download Website Setting
  19. 19. Click on Information Management see below :
  20. 20. -> If you want to add staff Details then just click on Information management -> Staff. -> One screen will be open click on new button then below type screen will be open. Fill the all blank and click on submit button. Your staff details successfully add.
  21. 21. -> If you want to Change your College name or college logo Like below :
  22. 22. -> Go to information management -> Website setting.
  23. 23. -> Screen will be display like below type. -> Enter title name whatever you want to college name, click on browse button select your college logo, meta description and meta tag are optional enter any Author name and click on submit button.
  24. 24. -> Add Photos and videos , so first you create Photo category. -> Go to Gallery -> Photo category Below Screen Will be open. -> Enter Category name, enter URL and click on browse button, select any one photo and click on submit button. Your category will be created.
  25. 25. -> After that Go to Gallery -> Photo Gallery Below Screen Will be open. -> Select your created Photo Category, click on Add files you can select multiple photos at a same time and click on start upload.
  26. 26. -> Add Video then First you upload your video in Youtube.com, when your video uploaded in YouTube one Code will be Generate Like Below type.
  27. 27. -> Then Go to Gallery -> Video Gallery Below screen will be open then. -> Enter your video title, paste this code which generate in YouTube, and give any url and click on submit button. Your video successfully Added.
  28. 28. -> Any one give feedback in our site and if you want to checkout it then Go to Feedback Menu, then click on Details Button your feedback Details will be open.
  29. 29. -> If you want to make What is Admission Process Then you Go Admission, One screen will be open. -> Enter title, Enter Admission Process in Details Field, Enter Url , and click on Submit button.
  30. 30. -> If you want to Change your admin login password Go to Admin management -> Change Password -> Enter old password, after enter new password and enter Confirm password and click on Change Password Button. Your password will be change.
  31. 31. -> If you want to Change your Theme color Select Second Icon (Setting) Below Screen will be display. Select color and you want to make background image then click on browse button select image and click on submit button.
  32. 32. For any query and support quick Contact Us
  33. 33. Thank You Palanpur pCube Software Solution Rachana Building, Near Gitanjali Complex, Opp. Jilla Panchayat, Palanpur- 385001 North Gujarat INDIA Ahmedabad pCube Software Solution C/405 B, Ganesh Meridian, Opp. Kargil Petrol Pump,Nr. New Gujarat High Court, S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad-380060, INDIA Sales Contact No : +91 94094 22824, +91 98984 36513 Email : info@pcubeweb.com Website : www.pcubeweb.com
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