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Founder Institute - Sales and Traction

This deck has been presented on the Founder Institute Session about Sales and Traction, in Curitiba at 11/5/15.

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Founder Institute - Sales and Traction

  1. 1. Sales and Traction
  2. 2. www.asaas.com SaaS Funnel Visit Lead Trial Subscription Referral Visitor Access your landing page Use Mixpanel and track them with cookies. You should create good tracking points to see how they are behaving. Use optimizely to A/B test variations and improve conversion rate.
  3. 3. www.asaas.com Visit Lead Trial Subscription Referral Customer leaves a e-mail or phone You should immediately start a nurturing campaign in this lead. Look for 20% to 30% conversion rate from Visit. No problem if it begins with 4-10% conversion. SaaS Funnel
  4. 4. www.asaas.com Visit Lead Trial Subscription Referral You customer actually creates a account. This is where the magic happens, you should make them really engajed in your product. If you are not sure what it is, try Totango. Setup a helpdesk and webchat to help your users and get quick feedback. Fast responses makes your customer happy. SaaS Funnel
  5. 5. www.asaas.com Visit Lead Trial Subscription Referral This is where he buys your application. You should look for user retention, because churn rate is a bitch. 3% to 5% is a acceptable conversion rate from trials. SaaS Funnel
  6. 6. www.asaas.com Visit Lead Trial Subscription Referral This is really hard to achieve and is what makes this game fun. You can test it using the Net Promoter Score method. If you get your virality above 1, you are going to unicorn land baby! SaaS Funnel
  7. 7. www.asaas.com 500s goodies
  8. 8. www.asaas.com Product Market Fit There are three stages: 1. The IDEA fits: Your Landing Page fits to a real market so ppl subscribes for it. 2. The Comercial Process fits: People start to pay for something that you’r selling. 3. The Product Fits: You start to receive lots of reviews of ppl saying: I’m in love with you guys! THANKS GOD ur there.
  9. 9. www.asaas.com Traction.. Baby! What it means to have TRACTION? Traction is all about the number of customers you have and growth. IF you can make a graph of numbers of clients or users that is growing up… Show it to a investor.. and he’ll show you the money! “Traction trumps everything!”
  10. 10. Thank you! founders@asaas.com www.asaas.com www.asaas.com