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Automotive: Gaining the required edge

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Automotive: Gaining the required edge

  1. 1. PRESENTATION ONAutomotive: Gaining The Required Edge GROUP MEMBER: Depa Shrestha Krishna Chalise Pawan Kawan Ritu Joshi Shishir Giri Til Bahadur Bhandari
  2. 2. • Automotive sector designs develops, manufactures ,markets and sells motor vehicles.• It contributes about 4% in India’s Gross Domestic Product and 5% in India’s Industrial product.• Key drivers for increasing adoption of the technology in automotive sector are 2 Cs: Customer and Competition.• IT can be used in various sector of Automotive i.e. from data collection to after sales service.• Many organization in India like Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland have been gaining the required edge in the automotive sectors
  3. 3. Challenges Faced By Automotive Manufacturers• Customer Relationship Management.• Core Competency Management.• Software Management.• Quality Management.• Supplier and Dealer Management
  4. 4. Best practices followed by Auto ManufacturersCustomer1. Data collection form individual customer2. Mass marketing3. Customer satisfaction through value added product.4. Frequent feedback from customers5. After sales service
  5. 5. Competitors1. Use of technology in marketing2. Market leader3. Innovation, new product4. Capture data from end to end transaction
  6. 6. How they are adopting the best Practices ?Considering the 2Cs, Indian manufacturing are adopting following: • Use of technology in logistics • Spare parts management • Real time web based system • Product designing • Supply chain management • Dealer management system
  7. 7. Technological solution• Provide integration of mobile communications and entertainment devices• Use of latest technology in manufacturing like simulation• Better supply chain management• Company database management , managing the customers, suppliers , dealers and employees• Enhance customer relations through tailored CRM solutions• Web based marketing and cross selling• Strategies: Product Differentiation, Innovation, Alliances
  8. 8. Benefits of using IT• Reducing time to market• Increasing efficiency• Accuracy of service• Reducing costs• Competitive advantage• Market leader• Customer retention
  9. 9. Conclusions• 2Cs : customer and competitors are most important sector to be consider for the success of any organization• Technology can be used in every step of automotive manufacturer – Logistic – Product design – Customer relation management – Stock management – Inventory management – Marketing
  10. 10. • Technology brings: – Increased efficiency – Increased productivity and profitability – Reduction in cost – Competitive advantage, market leader
  11. 11. THANK YOU