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Art of social media tracy sestili - marketing camp2012

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Art of social media tracy sestili - marketing camp2012

  1. 1. The Art of Social Media #MCSVART @tracysestili MarketingCamp SV 2012
  2. 2. BECOMINGA THOUGHT LEADER • Be memorable • Be helpful • If possible, be first
  3. 3. Content Consumption• Where & How are people consuming content about your industry?• Where & How do they share content about your industry?
  4. 4. Who hangs out where?Greater than 35 years old• 55% of Twitter• 63% of Pinterest• 65% of Facebook• 79% of LinkedIn• LinkedIn avg age 44.2 yrs• Facebook avg age is 40.5 yrs• Twitter avg age 37.3 yrs
  5. 5. Who Hangs Out Where Cont’dMale Female• Slashdot (87%) • Pinterest (79%)• Hacker News (77%) • Goodreads (70%)• Stack Overflow (76%) • Blogger (66%)• Facebook (40%) • Facebook (60%)• Twitter (40%) • Twitter (60%)Source: Ping.com(U.S. data only)
  6. 6. Your Social ResponsibilitySmart Brands Build Trust
  7. 7. Engage• It’s the only FREE way to continue to stay in the newsfeed on Facebook• It develops brand trust/loyalty/virality• Ask a question
  8. 8. Sharing Appropriate Amount• Facebook – 1x per day – max• Twitter – 5-10xs per day minimum• Google+ - 2-4xs per day• Pinterest – regularly• LinkedIn – 1x per day, + groups
  9. 9. Differentiate Your Content• Categorize your content: – Conversational – Educational – Promotional
  10. 10. Create a Content/Editorial Calendar
  11. 11. Load Balance vs Automation  Find a social media management tool that works for you  Schedule a time on your calendar to use it  DO NOT OVERAUTOMATEFinancial/Regulated Entertainment, Medical Device/ Pharma Renewable Energy, Nonprofit, etc.
  12. 12. Give a Call-to-Action• Ties your social media activity to your overall biz objectives and allows you to measure your social media effectiveness – Make it stupid obvious – Show your offer’s value
  13. 13. Capture Leads• Build a list – Email Widget – Landing page• Offer freebies• Future marketing oppty• Tweet/Post/Share it
  14. 14. Measure, Recalibrate & Repeat
  15. 15. Top 10 Mistakes1. Not listening2. Sharing too much3. Not posting enough4. Spending too much time on social5. Over automating6. Posting same message to many channels7. Not giving a call-to-action8. Ignoring your constituents9. Not capturing leads10. Not creating a content calendar
  16. 16. What do you want to be famous for? Twitter: @tracysestili and @socialstrand http://linkedin.com/company/social-strand- media http://plus.ly/tracysestili http://plus.ly/socialstrand http://facebook.com/tracysestili www.socialstrand.com/blog