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Viaje a Oxford de Jorge y Pedro.

Proyecto realizado por alumnado del IES Mediterráneo de Estepona, Málaga, con motivo de su visita a Oxford.

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Viaje a Oxford de Jorge y Pedro.

  1. 1. 9 DAYS IN OXFORD BY JORGE and Pedro
  2. 2. DAY 1  We woke up at 7:00 am and we met at our high school to go to the airport by bus. At the airport, we checked-in and prepared ourselves to fly. We were very nervous and excited!  In the plane, I sat with Gonzalo and Pedro.  When we arrived in Oxford, our teacher introduced us to our host families and then we went home with them. They gave Pedro and me dinner and it was great.  When we finished dinner, we sat on the sofa and we talked with the family. They were very funny.  Later, we went to bed because we were exhausted after such a long day.
  3. 3. DAY 2  It was Saturday, we woke up at 7:00 am and we had breakfast. We went to the meeting point and we took a bus to go to the city centre for the first time. We visited the Natural Museum. There were a lot of fosils, minerals, rocks, insects…It was all very interesting!
  4. 4.  Later, in the evening, we visited the new shopping centre called “WESTGATE” and we stayed there for a long time. We ate a crêpe because we were hungry but we didn´t buy anything else because the shopping centre was crowded.
  5. 5.  We took another bus and we came home with our family. We had dinner and I ate all except the vegetables. It was horrible, I hate vegetables.  I threw them in the bin and I went to bed because I was tired. In bed, we watched TV.
  6. 6. DAY 3 We visited London and we saw a lot of cars. It was amazing! What a big city! We saw the Change of the Guard, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, The Houses of Parliament, China Town, Picadilly Circus, M&M shop and Lego shop. We bought a lot of M&Ms.
  7. 7. DAY 4  In the morning, we went to High School and we met Alex, our drama teacher. We did a test and we went to the breaktime. Later, we went to see Christ Church where some scenes of Harry Potter were filmed. Later, the teachers gave us free time to go shopping. We also went to Ben's Cookies, a place very famous for its cookies. They were delicious
  8. 8. DAY 5  That day we met our buddies. I met Jamie, she is a great girl. She is 14 and she is very kind and polite. Later, we visited The Carfax Tower and The Bodleian Library (the biggest library in the world). I also went with Víctor to McDonalds to eat and later we went to WESTGATE. There, we bought some clothes and at 18:00pm, we went back home as usual.
  9. 9. DAY 6  We spent the whole morning in the high school and then we went to South Park, it was so green, so beautiful and extremely big. Later, we hired a boat and we were sailing through a small river near the river Thames. Finally, we went to WESTGATE, we ate a crêpe and we went home.
  10. 10. DAY 7  We spent all the morning in high school with our English mates.We took a lot of photos. Later, we went to visit many beautiful places as usual and we went back home. We had meat with vegetables for dinner and I threw them to the bin again.They were disgusting!
  11. 11. DAY 8  This was our last day with our mates and we were very sad. We took photos and we said bye-bye. In the afternoon, we visited the Castle and in the evening, we visited the stadium where the Oxford Team plays football and later, we went to a bowling alley. We played for a couple of ours and Pablo was the winner.
  12. 12. DAY 9  We woke up at 7 O'clock like every day and we took our luggage, we said bye- bye to our host families, we went to the meeting point and we took a bus to go to the airport to fly back to Málaga.  When we arrived at our town, all our families were there waiting for us. We were happy and sad at the same time.
  13. 13. BYE OXFORD We really had a great time! It was awesome!