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The Future of Education is Digital

A quick presentation share that makes the argument that the future of education is increasingly digital, but the aims and foundational core of education remains the same.

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The Future of Education is Digital

  1. FUTURE The of Education
  2. is digital!
  3. private good public good
  4. shrinking resources higher costs
  5. globalization massification competition
  6. old paradigms
  7. new tools
  8. information overload
  9. I want to study not only what the computer is doing for us, but what it is doing to us. - Sherry Turkle integrating
  10. rewiring Based on the latest research in neurobiology there is no longer any question that stimulation of various kinds actually changes brain structures-Marc Prensky
  11. us- Michael Wesch the machine is us/ing networking
  12. Refocus on what’s important!
  13. You can’t download Loading... 80% Development
  14. purpose
  15. deeper learning
  16. relationships
  17. ethics
  18. information literacy
  19. it’s time to E V O L V E