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How to Network Digitally for Professional Development and Relationship-Building

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Originally presented at the 2015 NASPA International Convention.

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How to Network Digitally for Professional Development and Relationship-Building

  1. #SAConnect How to Network Digitally for Professional Development and Relationship-Building
  2. Who We Are: Lisa Endersby, Higher Education Assessment & Technology Consultant @lmendersby Christina Ferrari, Valparaiso University @cm_ferrari3 Paul Gordon Brown, Boston College @paulgordonbrown Briana Mathew, New York University @BrianaMathew John Rodriguez, Suffolk University @johnorodriguez Rebecca Windover, Kent State University @bwindover2013
  3. #SAConnect
  4. Goals of the Session: ● Explore how professionals can utilize social and digital technologies to network, build relationships, and enhance their professional development and learning goals ● Provide an opportunity to reflect and discuss the ideas and opinions expressed in the panel ● Create a strategy for meaningful and purposeful relationship building in an online environment
  5. Overarching Question: How can social media build relationships, online and off, that are genuine and mutually beneficial?
  6. Panel
  7. #SAConnect
  8. Q & A How have you used social media to build relationships? Was the development of the relationship planned?
  9. #SAConnect
  10. Q & A Have you successfully ‘moved’ an online relationship into an offline (in person) space? What worked well and what challenges, if any, did you face?
  11. #SAConnect
  12. Q & A Can you be authentic online? What does an authentic online relationship look like to you?
  13. #SAConnect
  14. Q & A How do you maintain meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships in online spaces?
  15. Q & A Additional Questions
  17. What Now? What’s Next? - Share an article/blog post/idea with someone you’ ve just met. - Start a conversation with a question. - Ask about the path, not just the product.
  18. Tweet It Out! After #NASPA15, I will #SACONNECT by ...
  19. Stay connected! Lisa Endersby, lmendersby@gmail.com @lmendersby Christina Ferrari, christinamferrari@gmail.com @cm_ferrari3 Paul Gordon Brown, paulgordonbrown@gmail.com @paulgordonbrown Briana Mathew, briana. mathew@gmail.com @BrianaMathew John Rodriguez, johnorodriguez@gmail.com @johnorodriguez Rebecca Windover, windoverrebecca@gmail.com @bwindover2013