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This video is dedicated to all those who serve or have served in the armed forces of the United States of America. Visit www.patriotman.com today for more military news and information.

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  1. 1. Never Forget Those Who Gave You freedom! WWW.Patriotman.com
  2. 2. Protecting our nation, our heritage, our freedoms, and our future! WWW.Patriotman.com
  3. 3. From seas to seas, they protect our borders! Unwavering in their duty to defend America! www.Patriotman.com
  4. 4. From above, they soar for freedom’s sake! In the skies, they fly with freedom on their wings! www.Patriotman.com
  5. 5. While you sleep, they watch over us! www.Patriotman.com
  6. 6. They are the ultimate Ambassadors of America. They help people all over the world to be free! www.Patriotman.com
  7. 7. They are powerful enough to maintain peace! They are highly trained in their profession of choice. www.Patriotman.com
  8. 8. They never accept defeat. They never quit until the job is done! www.Patriotman.com
  9. 9. The brave and the bold, they fight to win. www.Patriotman.com
  10. 10. Even in war, they re-enlist to protect America! www.Patriotman.com
  11. 11. No matter how small, they defend freedom for all. www.Patriotman.com
  12. 12. In foreign lands, they stand loyal to freedom. www.Patriotman.com
  13. 13. In unity, they fly with precision to protect us! www.Patriotman.com
  14. 14. Whether in the skies or on the seas they defend! www.Patriotman.com
  15. 15. No matter how great the sacrifice, they continue to fight for freedom. www.Patriotman.com
  16. 16. Read their stories. Learn about their legacy. Remember their sacrifice! Visit www.Patriotman.com Today!