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Turbo-Charging your SEO & Link-Building Strategy

  1. B3 Turbo-Charging your SEO & Link- Building Strategy by Patrick Altoft
  2. B3 Disavow Tool
  3. B3 What I’m talking about • Future of SEO • Checklist for your site • Site audit - • Site audit -
  4. B3 Do people love you? It’s unquantifiable, tough to explain to clients & impossible to make a business case for but love is slowly & steadily becoming part of the Google algorithm Google can tell whether people love your website & is rewarding the most loved websites with higher rankings. Panda downgraded sites that people didn’t love – why wouldn’t Google reward sites that people do love?
  5. B3 How can Google understand love? Hundreds of user engagement signals are analysed and fed into an artificial intelligence algorithm The algorithm learns how to detect whether users love a site or not (probably with the help of seed sites) Remember, Chrome has 33% market share & Analytics is in use on over 10m websites
  6. B3 How artificial intelligence shapes the algorithm New algorithm • Based on what we know about sites that are loved, do we think that people love your site? Old Algorithm • Let’s score you on various trust signals & see how you perform
  7. B3 Great sites are winning in 2012 • Doing SEO for a great site is 10x easier than doing SEO for a mediocre site • For most companies this is the difference between success and failure in an SEO campaign ? Panda
  8. B3 People love John Lewis
  9. B3 People love M&S
  10. B3 What can I do? • Want to know how Google sees your site? Just ask your visitors. • Every site should be permanently asking for feedback from different groups of people • Adopt a mantra of continual improvement & use survey scores as a KPI •
  11. B3 10 Minute Checklist 1. Searchmetrics to see if the site was affected by any updates 2. to find what that update was 3. to see if link profile is over optimised 4. Does the site have duplicate content 5. Does the site have low value pages 6. Do the product pages add value
  12. B3 Looks a great site Has 114 linking domains Used to rank pretty well
  13. B3 Searchmetrics Data shows a big drop in rankings 16th to 23rd June 2011 – Panda 2.2 was June 18th Also a big drop between 3rd & 10th May 2012 which coincides with the time Google handed out link penalties & devaluations
  14. B3 Link profile On first inspection the link profile looks OK as there is lots of brand anchor text and not much use of keyword links
  15. B3 Link Profile On closer inspection we can see what the problem is – most of the links are from directory style sites The vast majority of directory sites are bad links and need to be removed from the link profile. The only way to recover from this is via a full link audit & removal of 95% of the bad links
  16. B3 Content Check This is the first product page I loaded & it has a product description of 32 words. This is nowhere near enough for me to want to buy it or for the search engines to be able to say the site is a quality resource Other product pages have a similar amount of content
  17. B3 Duplicate Content Insert a string of text from the product description in quotes into Google You should see no other sites using your descriptions Here we see 12,800 results Not only are the product descriptions short but they are duplicate content too
  18. B3 Reviews If you don’t have a user review strategy – why not? This site has space for reviews but doesn’t have enough
  19. B3 Questions & Answers Why wouldn’t you do this?
  20. B3 Moving forwards This site has been penalised twice and will probably continue to be penalised by future updates unless it is aligned with what Google wants an ecommerce site to be. This is what has to be done at a bare minimum to recover & safeguard the sites future • Link audit & removal of 95% of bad links (use disavow tool) • After this you will probably need to build (quality) new links to replace those lost • Have a team of product experts rewrite the product descriptions up to 300 words taking care to really add value and make them useful to visitors • Implement a strategy to get more reviews • Add Q&A to the product pages and encourage staff to add popular Q&A content
  21. B3 Questions?