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How to Build Conversions Using SEO

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Presentation from Conversion Conference London 2011 on how to increase conversions using SEO.

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How to Build Conversions Using SEO

  1. 1. How To Build ConversionsUsing SEOPatrick AltoftDirector of Search
  2. 2. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-definitive-howto-for-conversion-rate-optimization
  3. 3. Might return later Lacked Too certain expensive details ReasonsCouldn’t Didn’t likeuse the the site site Not what Prefer to they were buy looking elsewhere for
  4. 4. Conversions & SEO1. Increasing keyword relevancy will increase your conversion rates2. Getting more visits will increase your conversion numbers3. Attracting users at multiple stages during buying cycle will improve both conversion numbers & conversion rates
  5. 5. The Buying Cycle http://bit.ly/9bUGT4
  6. 6. Keyword ResearchMost people use the keyword tool to see whichkeywords have the biggest search volume
  7. 7. Advanced Keyword ResearchSome people even use data from PPC campaigns andinclude ranking data to choose “low hanging fruit”keywordsOpportunity Analysis using AdWords data shows whichkeywords have the biggest potential revenue
  8. 8. Example• Choose all keywords with potential revenue >1000/month that rank between 5th and 10th and have above average conversion rate in the PPC campaign
  9. 9. Branded3 ApproachWe approach keyword research from a landing pageperspective rather than a keyword perspectiveBy adding up the sum of the opportunity for eachlanding page we can find the most important pages tobuild links to, rather than the most important keywords
  10. 10. EXAMPLE
  11. 11. By Keyword - Overwhelming
  12. 12. By Landing Page - Simple7 landing pagescover 94% of all thesearch volumePivot Table
  13. 13. How this relates to link-buildingBuilding lots of links with the same anchor text willresult in the links being devalued and you will struggleto rankIf you vary the anchor text your link-building is moreeffectiveIf you are varying the anchor text this makes it veryeasy to target multiple keywords to a landing page
  14. 14. Varying anchor textBuild links to each landing page and vary the anchortext between the different target keywordsThis builds overall strength of page and helps rankingsfor all the long tail keywords that the page is focussedonAdd “noise” words & brand keywords to the mix
  15. 15. SEO Landing Pages• Typical site will have less than 50% of visits arriving on the homepage, less for non-brands• Most sites will create dedicated PPC landing pages• Most non-ecommerce sites don’t think about optimising SEO landing pages for conversion
  16. 16. PPC & SEO Landing Pages• We use combined landing pages which work for both PPC and SEO• This allows clients to apply results of any tests easily across both campaigns
  17. 17. Optimising Landing Pages
  18. 18. Long Tail Keyword Research• Use negative matches
  19. 19. Optimisation Roadmap Map Keywords Optimise Shortlist To Landing Landing Pages Keywords Pages Short Tail Research Long Tail Build Links & Long Tail Analysis in GA Vary Anchors Keywords Optimise Landing Pages Revenue Long Tail
  20. 20. 2011 Year of Brands
  21. 21. 2011 Year of Brands
  22. 22. Questions?• www.blogstorm.co.uk• www.branded3.com• www.slideshare.net/patrickaltoft• twitter.com/patrickaltoft• patrick@branded3.com