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Looking at bread in a new way Final

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Our design for adding value to bread.

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Looking at bread in a new way Final

  1. 1. Looking at Bread in a New Way Start with one LOAF Logistical and Operational Architectural Food
  2. 2. The ProblemHurricane Sandy in the United States has given us anopportunity to help humanity, starting with one loaf ofbread.
  3. 3. The ProblemIn a disaster situation, shelter and food are two basicrequirements in short supply.Present day efforts call for massive amounts ofresources for both food and shelter.
  4. 4. The ProblemWe have put our best minds together to design a solution.We have come to the conclusion that LOAF can be a solutionfor both food and shelter.
  5. 5. BackgroundThe Middle East has a kind of bread that holdspotential in helping countries around the world.This particular flat bread is unique in its design.It provides a hollow inside with a strong outer shell.
  6. 6. ConceptUsing a larger, slightly modified form ofthis bread, we can build a temporarydwelling for 2 people that can be usedas both food and shelter.Benefits It can be easily built in a short period of time. Ingredients are readily available. It is environmentally safe and friendly.
  7. 7. ConceptBenefits High nutrient food powders can be added to mix. Mix is easy to transport. Modified egg and/or seed based liquid can be sprayed on the exterior surface for structural integrity (and taste).
  8. 8. ConceptBenefitsSimple directions can be made withpictures, eliminating language and culturalbarriers.Gluten free options available for celiac and related disorder sufferers.Ingredients are inexpensive.Potential for different countries to usetheir own recipe, using ingredientsreadily available in their own country.
  9. 9. Design InstructionA large quantity ofingredients premade.Ground sheet is spreadon a flat surface.
  10. 10. Design InstructionA covering is placed over thespread ingredients.A portable electric, gas, orsolar heat source applied.
  11. 11. Design InstructionWindows and door can be cut out and used as food.
  12. 12. Design InstructionA modified egg / seed mixturecan be spread over the outersurface.For wetter climates, a modifiedpeanut butter based coatingcould be used as a sealant.
  13. 13. Value AddedPolitical Value Governments will have an inexpensive emergency solution for their people in time of disaster.Nutritional Value Spirulina, chlorella, or high nutrient food powders can be added to formula to make it nutritious for humans to consume for a period of time.
  14. 14. Value AddedEnvironmental Value Totally nontoxic. Safe for human and animal consumption. Won’t harm ground water.Economical Value Jobs designing and making shelters.NOTE: This could provide the world with a new careerpath…architectural bakers.
  15. 15. Future Design BREADThis idea can be expanded, making larger shelters. Basic Relief Edible Architectural Dwelling
  16. 16. Creativity and value increasing globallySince we publicized our idea, bakers and engineersaround the world have shared their ideas. There arenumerous suggestions for how to improve theeffectiveness and efficiency of our design, includingthe following:
  17. 17. Other Designslarge sturdy bread parts made from a modifiedRussian bread recipe.
  18. 18. Other DesignsPizza dough tent, extra crispy and highly nutritious.
  19. 19. Other DesignsDevelop large breadsticks to be used as additionalsupports.
  20. 20. Other DesignsCold climate structures could be built with thickerwalled “Cornbread.”
  21. 21. Other Designs GingerbreadHouses made frommodified ginger bread.Heat and rain resistantcoatings are edible.Decorations can be addedto make it “feel more likehome” as seen in theprototype.
  22. 22. Other Designs VillaDesign for a "bread villa" being tested.
  23. 23. Architectural BakersPictured below is a newly formed professional teamof architectural bakers researching new designs.
  24. 24. Additional Concepts for Emergency Relief Use bread as a bowl to provide people with nutritious hot meals, such as soup and salads.
  25. 25. SummaryFrom around the globe people are exploring ideas andcreating new paths for helping mankind.It all started with one loaf of bread……........one loaf of bread and a desire to make a difference.
  26. 26. Design CreditsObaid Bin HashimEmma MurphyJohn SporichCarol BrandtPeter Brandt