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Are You Paying Attention

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A poem of possibilites!

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Are You Paying Attention

  1. 1. OBJECTIVE It has come to our attention, we may be missing opportunities, When we go out to shop and visit stores in our communities, So I have been tasked to go observe these stores for any surprises. While I drink coffee, buy small items , shop apparel in my sizes.
  2. 2. MAXThis apparel store caught my attention with a window display quite daring,The headless mannequins wore clothes like the photo people were wearing, What struck me most about the clothes that hung in the display, Was how the colors on the mannequins, didn’t match the photo array. Opportunity Have a fashion consultant available to help people match clothes to wear (like in the window display).
  3. 3. THE WATCH HOUSE The store was bright and airy, lots of glass enclosures there,With every kind of watch to buy , they can even do repairs, The clientele inside the store were singles and some pairs,The 25% off special price enticing, I bought a watch to wear. Opportunity Sponsor a Watch Cleaning / Maintenance Day for customers to bring in their old watches to be serviced. This will bring customers into the store and lead to new sales.
  4. 4. TIM HORTON’S COFFEE A Canadian store in the Middle East, a bit of home for me,With the tastiest Canadian coffee available for all the world to see,Founder’s history and growers legacy on the wall display,A tribute to their past and future not found in other cafés. Opportunity The founder was a ice hockey player. Setup a display about hockey to draw in people unfamiliar with the sport. Sponsor free ice skating at local rink.
  5. 5. SHARAF DGA brightly lit electronics store, with one entrance in and out, You had to pass their window goods they sold inside throughout, Security was at the door, yellow uniforms so easy to spot,They helped you choose and carry out your purchases you bought. Opportunity Have a woman greeter at the entrance that will help direct women customers to what they are looking for. (Men normally can find their way around.)
  6. 6. LAKELAND A kitchen store that’s indistinct, two chandeliers of wares, With beautiful window displays, that show the owners care, They sell their products end to end, with appliances like a crock pot, A recipe book, a meal to cook, while you golf a perfect chip shot Opportunity Advertise a cooking class using products for sale in the store. Have those products readily available for sale during the class.
  7. 7. BUILDMARTLast, not least, a building store with five doors that were gaping, Product far to big to carry, including window draping, While hunting for the cash register, it was nowhere to be found,Just kitchen cupboards, sinks and lights ,and hot tubs that were round. Opportunity The store sits beside an electronics store. Set up displays of product for sale that incorporates what was bought in the electronic store next door. (Piggyback sales)