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The Shoe Legacy 1;2

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The Shoe Legacy 1;2

  1. 1. To just set the scene of what turns out to be a horrific time period for Belle, and to pick up where we left off, the tv was stolen.
  2. 2. However Shaun moved in and we quickly put him on the right track to pursue his goal of becoming a rockstar.
  3. 3. And we are making good progress with Babs Horse, however Belle is continually struggling to recover from the late nights to visit her.
  4. 4. It does however make her incredibly happy to be around the unicorn, and it’s images like this that make it slightly a little easier to put up with her whinging all day about being tired.
  5. 5. Then out of the blue she took a giant spew at Babs feet.. Hahahhahahahaah.
  6. 6. And then in the toilet when she came home..
  7. 7. I guess I forgot to mention she was pregnant. With no money, a cranky mood and a hankering for ice cream, she still manages to seem quite happy about the whole thing.
  8. 8. Even though it’s cruel I had Belle run around town collecting objects off the ground for money. With her on maternity leave and Shaun earning next to nothing at the moment, we’re a little strapped for cash..
  9. 9. Then I decided to start her career as an author, it’s a pretty easy way to rake in money from a pregnant sim.
  10. 10. In his groupie clothes, and Belle in her sloppy maternity wear, he romantically proposed on their front lawn.
  11. 11. And baby Ben was born!
  12. 12. Skipping all the late night feedings, early morning nappy changes and Belle losing her mind, Ben grew up to a toddler! And trust me, I was very nervous seeing those cross eyes, but they went away after a few hours. He is a little cutie though, I randomized the traits and he got virtuoso like his father and eccentric.
  13. 13. Now I know what you’re all thinking, this chapter’s been full of happy, uplifting images, why is it called a turn for the worse? Well guys, this turn is about to be very sudden and unexpected. Just you wait and see.
  14. 14. It begins with Belle passing out from the exhaustion of looking after Ben all day, playing with the unicorn at night, and Shaun having to stay back late at work for a promotion.
  15. 15. We see signs of laziness, Ben being fed on the floor, Shaun on the phone late at night, Belle coming home to a tired, full bladdered baby after seeing Babs. But I honestly didn’t expect what was about to happen.
  16. 16. The next morning Belle accuses Shaun of cheating, an accusation he accepted. I didn’t know Sims could cheat without my say-so! I didn’t even see this coming, then I checked his relationships. A lady from work is his romantic interest. I am just as hurt as Belle is.
  17. 17. Shaun is literally thrown on the couch while I work in over-drive to try and save their marriage but Belle isn’t having a bar of it. Interactions are being rejected, she sneers when he enters a room.
  18. 18. And in the middle of all this drama, Ben grows up! However, he is still holding onto those cross eyes.. I’m getting a little worried here.
  19. 19. Randomizing again, Ben rolled an artistic trait, so I quickly send him onto an easel to work up his painting skills, who knows we may have the next Picasso on our hands. And the cash from his child labor wouldn’t hurt.
  20. 20. Belle agreeably hugs Shaun, and I think maybe some progress is being made..
  21. 21. Then up pops the notification, Belle has ended the relationship. Again, without me saying so! These Sims literally have a mind of their own. I want you out of my house, you hear me? OUT!
  22. 22. So uh, just behind the bathroom door is Ben, witnessing the whole thing.. Is Daddy leaving? It’s no big loss, he was a cheating bas.. So he is leaving. Cool. Ben literally did not care that his father was leaving, he had the want to hug Belle.
  23. 23. Screw you Shaun, I thought you were a nice guy. Give me back my car or I’ll.. Get off Belle’s lot or I’ll put you in a room with no doors. Grr, fine. I took the scumbags car before he left hehee.
  24. 24. To soothe Belle’s broken hear I decide to adopt two new cats, this here is French Fry.
  25. 25. And this is Misty.
  26. 26. To perk Belle up I decided to invite the closest male in her friends, Russel. I’m not even going to go there, lets just say it didn’t work out.
  27. 27. I quickly got onto mating French Fry and Misty, and there’s kittens on the way!
  28. 28. Ben grew up into a fine, fine young man. Even amongst all the chaos he grew up well.
  29. 29. And then there was Gurpel, whom we met at the lake, he is the saving grace of this chapter. Although baboon in appearance, he was just that little bit adorable.
  30. 30. These two got along so quickly I couldn’t believe my eyes. They literally talked three times and wanted to kiss one another, and soon they became an item.
  31. 31. The next day he moved in. Again, bringing nothing but an unemployed mess. However, his ambition is to be worth 250,000 simoleons? Ha, nice work getting to your goal.
  32. 32. I quickly got him into the gym to work on the muscle for his police career. He is athletic however, fell the whole time he was on the treadmill.
  33. 33. At the foot of their bed he proposed, but unlike last time I didn’t want to wait to get them married and have him cheat like Shaun did.
  34. 34. So the next day they had a private ceremony in the lounge room.
  35. 35. Ben registered as self employed, which of course is him selling his artworks. A vert profitable career path may I add, our household is doing swimmingly thanks to Ben.
  36. 36. Belle had another baby boy, Liam.
  37. 37. Gurpel got electrocuted fixing the dishwasher.
  38. 38. And did not show an ounce of care until Ben picked up the fire extinguisher. Ben what are you doing!!? Putting out the fire before you burn the kitchen down!
  39. 39. Was there a fire in our house, I can smell burning, can you smell burning Ben? Seriously dude?
  40. 40. I’ll leave you with this picture of Liam, all grown up, no cross eyes, thank god. And until next time guys happy simming! – Kitty.