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Talend for the Enterprise

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This webinar explores the process of how OSSCube developed a Talend solution--for a global provider of digital marketing and client reporting tools--that aggregates and converts information from a variety of resources into well-defined data formats.

Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyZiiG7mjx8

OSSCube EVP John Bernard and Talend Alliances and Channels Manager Rich Searle provide an in-depth explanation of the benefits of Talend as well as the usefulness of data organization in today's business world.

Key Discussion Points:
- Talend ETL tools capabilities
- Implementing Talend in your organization

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Talend for the Enterprise

  1. 1. OSSCube & Talend Present Talend for the Enterprise June 4, 2015
  2. 2. Our Speakers John Bernard Executive Vice President OSSCube Rich Searle Sr. Manager, Alliances and Channels Talend
  3. 3. Our Partnership
  4. 4. Case Study A global provider of digital marketing and reporting tools needed a flexible ETL solution to provide seamless integration into their client’s ecosystems.
  5. 5. • The visualization tool required data from different sources to provide maximum value • The tool requires a unified data format • Every client ecosystem was different • Data originating from a variety of sources • Clients located around the world The Problem
  6. 6. Lack of Data Integration • Silo data sets • Knowledge not shared • Inability to maximize the value of data • Loss of competitive advantage
  7. 7. • Records in existing files needed to be validated, parsed, transformed, enriched, and loaded • Scalability was a key to support growing amount of data • Adaptability was required as ecosystems evolved • High availability • Scheduling to handle dependencies and workflows • Needed global solution provider Requirements
  8. 8. Talend is the Universal Adapter Unique Ecosystems Data Visualization Application Talend
  9. 9. • OSSCube was selected as the solution provider • OSSCube chose Talend as the ETL tool ‒ Met all requirements ‒ Provided extensibility • Virtual server setup to fulfill the horizontally scalability • Clustering is used to ensure high availability The Solution
  10. 10. • The Talend ETL tool has been successfully installed at customers globally ‒ Every client ecosystem unique • The software publisher doesn’t have to maintain a Talend competency • The software publisher is not limited by data integration constraints for new sales • OSSCube provided resources on demand Results
  12. 12. Data Seamlessly Integrated • Consolidated data • One version of the truth • Shared knowledge • Improved productivity • Maximize the value of data
  13. 13. Talend Capabilities Rich Searle
  14. 14. Key Facts • Founded in 2006 • 400 employees in 7 countries • Dual HQ in Los Altos, CA and Paris, France • Open Core business model • Subscription license • Services & training Solutions • Highly scalable integration solutions addressing Big Data, Application Integration, Data Integration, Data Quality, MDM, BPM • Recognized as a visionary leader in the integration market by Gartner and Forrester Talend Overview Growth-Driven Deployment Model 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 BRAND AWARENESS VIBRANT COMMUNITY MONETIZATION CUSTOMER LOYALTY
  15. 15. Accidental Architecture Data Quality Latency & Velocity Scalability Master Data Consistency Talent / Skills Siloed Data Data-Driven Landscape
  16. 16. The Talend Platform
  17. 17. An innovative, unified platform & modular architecture that meets all integration needs, today & tomorrow An open source-based solution supported by a vast community and enterprise-class services • Best of breed, native big data integration delivering scalability at predictable cost Talend equips IT to deliver all data where, when, and how the business needs it. Integration for Data-Driven Organizations
  18. 18. Finance & Insurance Services Manufacturing & Retail Public Sector & Education Broad Customer Base
  19. 19. Finance & Insurance Services Manufacturing & Retail Public Sector & Education Broad Customer Base “We have enjoyed a rapid return on investment due to the simplicity of the tool (quick and easy to use).” “Talend offers the only open source data integration solution that is really enterprise-ready and which provides all the necessary features.” “Talend’s solutions are very intuitive and conceptually appealing, they help achieve much simpler and faster development.” “We love using Talend’s ETL solution because it lets us effectively share metadata among the researchers and developers, and because it’s affordable.”
  20. 20. Conclusion
  21. 21. What Can We Do for You? Modernization Mobilization eCommerce Big Data & Analytics Cloud
  22. 22. www.OSSCube.com Info@OSSCube.com 1-888-967-7282 www.Talend.com Info@Talend.com