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Before purchasing Furniture see how can Ordorite Retail Furniture Software Solution help us.

Ordorite is a full cloud bases retail management software solutions specifically designed for furniture and bedding retailer. The document has described for all the furniture solutions for all retailers and wholesale businesses.

Plan for a free demo today to check out our Retail Software Furniture over here:

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Before purchasing Furniture see how can Ordorite Retail Furniture Software Solution help us.

  2. 2. Ordorite is the dedicated furniture software solution for both online and in-store furniture retailers
  3. 3. Our Solution Helps You... hh Integrate your online and in-store sales. hh Provide a real-time view of stock across all stores & warehouses. hh Enable target marketing by harnessing customer data and get customers back in store. hh Advanced algorithms to improve purchasing & stock management. hh Improve your management reporting with analytics. hh Streamline the customer experience and reduce operational costs. Manage and control your business end-to-end Improving your POS and stock system enhances your profit THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION 1
  4. 4. Product Features SALES PROCESS & POS PURCHASING OO Fast sales processing OO Sell from Items on order (purchase order/containers) or in production OO Multiple store and franchises setup OO Sell products live from multiple warehouses and other stores OO Cloud Point of sale (compatible to all tablets, phones and pc) OO Promotions and discount controls OO Track all customer details/sales history OO Process orders for takeaway, delivery or collection OO Electronic signature capture OO Container management OO Purchase order management / validations and returns OO Forecasting & stock replenishments OO Budgeting OO Multi-currency OO Exporter management MARKETING OO Reconnect with your customers OO Quote management & analysis OO Loyalty program OO Customer trend and behaviour analysis OO Personalised SMS, Email, Newsletter templates OO RFM Analysis (Customer Recency, Frequency and Monetary value) OO Manage debtors payments OO Credit notes OO Deposits & invoicing OO Stock ledgers OO Customer and supplier ledgers OO Manage suppliers OO Debtors aged analyses OO Refunds OO Tasks and actions OO Call backs OO Manage complaints OO Customer emailing and texting OO In stock not delivered OO View overdue orders OO Manage payments OO Professional replacement, returns and exchange management FINANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE 2
  5. 5. MOBILE APPS DELIVERY & LOGISTICS INTEGRATION OO Delivery scheduling & management OO Route planning OO Delivery truck management OO Product cubic meter calculations OO Delivery dockets, pick lists and loading lists OO Mobile scanning OO API that allows external integration to many systems OO Integration with accounts systems (Xero, Microsoft Dynamics) OO Integrations with ecommerce sites (Woo Commerce, Magento and others) OO Proof of Delivery OO Stock taking OO Stock catalogue OO Pick lists OO Goods in OO Purchase order creation OO KPI reporting OO Stock transfers OO Stock movements OO Barcoding and box management OO Multi warehouse configurations OO Warehouse pick lists and loading lists OO Product lifecycle traceability OO Stock taking OO Business intelligence reporting with heat maps & customer profiling OO Data analytics and KPI’s OO Stock valuations, stock traceability and stock accuracy reports OO Gross profit analyses OO Financial reporting OO Product ordering models OO Salesperson commission facilities OO Product Wizard, Variant and Attribute Builder OO Stock traceability, stock history (stock ledger) OO Barcoding, department, categories, types, families OO Ecommerce integration settings OO Point of sale and price tickets OO Stock attributes OO Upload product images OO Stock packs and bundles WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT REPORTING STOCK & PRODUCT CATALOGUE 3
  6. 6. Sales Process & POS 1. Facilitate fast sales with our user-friendly step-by-step POS 1. Set up new customers or search for existing ones from different stores 2. Use marketing tools such as Electronic Signatures, Email, Texting and Sales Analysis tools 3. View customer balances, activity history, notes, orders and delivery details 4. Create orders using quick barcode scans or product searching using store information such as name/description etc. 5. Select stock from available warehouses, retail stores, incoming containers or purchase orders 6. Save orders and payment details, storing your debtors and balances owed 7. Process cancellations and returns; issue credit notes, restock charges, retention and refunds 8. Set up promotions for items, departments, category or types so that discounts are automatically applied and traced  This involves point of sale and other sales operations vital for the daily running of your furniture business. Our solution enables you to: Statistics have shown the quicker and easier you can make the sales processing, the more time you have to build rapport with the customer and generate upselling opportunities THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION4
  7. 7. OMNICHANNEL RETAILING: Online & In-Store Omnichannel refers to a multichannel sales approach, allowing seamless integration of your online and brick-and-mortar stores. Having full integration of your online and brick-and- mortar stores allows you to successfully manage your furniture business from a single source, and providing your customers with the ultimate shopping experience. Our Omnichannel Retailing Package API smoothly integrates with third party software such as:  THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION A seamless & integrative multi-channel shopping experience MOBILE IN-STORE ONLINE 5
  8. 8. Product & Stock Management 1. Add new stock and break items into product families, departments, categories/types: record notes, statuses (active, order only, discontinued etc.), cost pricing, barcodes, and much more 2. Trace stock movements with a Stock Ledger system, providing breakdown of stock levels (products, locations and containers) for any date period 3. Manage all incoming products and confirm arrivals with a Goods In process 4. Handle items that arrive in multiple boxes using a Box-level ledger 5. Create and manage stock locations to break up and trace where items and boxes are located 6. Serial tracking of items and boxes to improve stock accuracy, ordering and searching 7. Move stock from one location to another using Stock Transfer 8. Improve stock turnover to avoid stock outs of your best sellers Our solution enables you to: THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION6
  9. 9. Purchasing 1. Forecast and plan product purchases with automatic stock replenishment methodologies to ensure you have the right products, with the right quantities and ordered at the right time 2. Automatically create customer requests for special orders 3. Create and finalise purchase orders with arrival details and cost information 4. Sell products from incoming or arrived containers, and items on production 5. Maintain visibility of purchase orders when selling and delivering items > Items can be traced back to the containers they arrived on 6. Maintain revision of delivery dates of purchase, departure dates and warehouse arrival dates 7. Manage multi-currency and shipping charge calculations so you know the actual shipping base currency cost Our solution enables you to: A recent survey revealed 86% report a return on Investment for their predictive forecasting inside 6 months THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION 7
  10. 10. 1. Control availability of delivery dates: available dates are shown to sales staff when creating orders 2. Delivery route planning and Delivery Scheduling 3. Print delivery dockets and pick lists, confirm deliveries and automatically update stock levels 4. Process returned or undelivered items (reschedule, replace, cancel etc.) 5. Create tasks and actions to ensure your team delivers outstanding customer service 6. View and control customer orders in stock, not delivered and orders overdue 7. Email and text customers throughout the sales process to keep them informed 8. Barcode your products and manage where they are in your warehouse 9. Use mobile apps for: Stock-taking, picking, loading to trucks, Goods In and Proof of Delivery (with signature and route planning) Our solution enables you to: A better customer experience, as well as better stock control directly relate to having an efficient warehouse system THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION Customer Service & Delivery 8
  11. 11. Marketing 1. Analyse customer data and trends, to show you which customers have not come into store in recent times 2. Reconnect with your existing customers that have not come into your store in recent months 3. Use RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis to understand your customer segments such as loyal customers, champion customers, high relating customers, and customers you don’t want to lose 4. Send pre-built personalised templates to customers via SMS, email, or newsletter 5. Manage and analyse previous quotes sent to customers, and the amount of those that have converted into sales 6. Create loyalty programs for your existing customers to give them incentive to come back into store 7. Monitor and measure from each promotional campaign, how many customers came back into store, along with the quantity and monetary value of what they purchased Our solution enables you to: THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION Research has shown it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one 9
  12. 12. Management Reporting & Business Intelligence Reporting can be a time consuming yet important task for your business. This module provides an advanced management reporting mechanism for furniture businesses to quickly see how and where profits are generated in the business, as well as the areas that need improving. Our solution enables you to: 1. Access integrated Business Intelligence dashboards for a bird’s eye view of business performance and growth 2. Use daily reports for everyday processes such as order confirmation receipts and delivery dockets 3. Check store activity using management reports such as total sales for a store, payments made, cost of item, most active products, debtors lists and more 4. Run high-level profit calculations such as for stores or product types, salesperson performance, departmental and product category sales analysis reports 5. Estimate stock requirements based on current and previous sales with multiple growth projections 6. Display live KPI information for your entire business THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION10
  13. 13. Eliminate Guesswork Learn your true operation costs Faster answer to business questions Learn to streamline operations Key business metric reports Insights into customers’ behaviour Identify cross-selling and upselling Improve efficiency Manage stock better Know where your business was, is and will be Benefits of a Better POS and Stock Control System THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION 11
  14. 14. Margin Tips 1:Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Business Take the guesswork out of your business by using customer data to make business decisions. What kinds of promotions should you introduce? Which products do your shoppers love the most? What are your store’s peak hours? All these questions can be answered easily by looking at your store’s data. 2: The Magic of Automation One of the simplest ways to do this is to find repetitive tasks in your business—such as data entry. Have one point of entry and direct integration between all departments. Use dashboards and traffic light systems to ensure you are on top of your business and are prompted about critical decisions. 3: Limit the Discounting It is important to analyse the industry you are in, and look at your business ’ annual sales performance so you can determine when is the best time to give discounts, so you are not losing out, and improving your margin in some wa y. Having a quarterly promotions schedule in place makes you more organised in your business, so you have a clear structure of when you are giving discounts, and not just giving them to customers at random. 4: Increase Average Sale Value It is important to spot opportunities for upselling and cross selling of products. In-store sales staff or field sales reps can be prompted to upsell, based on customer type, linked products, technical information, promotional offers and discounts on multiple products. These can all be set by management and they not only create awareness but enhance the customer experience which leads to increases in future sales. 5: Fast EPOS You need to ensure your software system can deliver fast transactions using the correct customer and pricing information that guarantees you get the margin you want. Statistics have shown the quicker and easier you can make the sales processing, the more time you have to build rapport with the customer and generate upselling opportunities. 6 . Retain your Existing Customers Getting customers into your store is one thing, making sure they come back again is another thing. With so many options for consumers to choose from, it can be difficult to keep customers’ attention and retain them as long-term customers. The Pareto 80:20 principle states that 80% of profits comes from 20% of your existing customers. This principle strongly applies to furniture and bedding retailers, and huge efforts should be spent focusing on existing customers to get them back into the store to repurchase again. THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION12
  15. 15. Your Journey with Ordorite IT analyst Gartner quotes “75% of all ERP projects fail” due to lack of communication and transparency between the ERP partner and the retailer. At Ordorite, we deliver a hands- on approach from the initiation stage of you purchasing our software, through to the implementation, training and use of the software itself. The success of any ERP project can be directly related to key factors such as: choosing the right software to fit your business, having in place a proper implementation and delivery plan, and training a product expert in your business. Ordorite, being specifically built for the furniture industry, instantly provides the functionality to run your furniture business successfully so you get an immediate return on investment, while effectively reducing the risk of failure and increasing the speed of implementation. By simply identifying the pain points in your business, and also the key benefits of using the software for each department hugely increases the success of any implementation. Over the years, we have found that close involvement with our customers speeds up the implementation and improves the success of the product, enabling us to quickly implement our solution. Therefore we believe in providing our customers with the utmost support and care to make sure you are fully equipped to make the transition of using our software a lot easier. We are very involved throughout the entire process from pre-planning, migration from manual or other systems, pre-live training and on-site live support, while also working closely with you when the product goes live, be it on site or remotely. THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION 13
  16. 16. Testimonials & Case Studies EZ Living Case Study: Prior to adopting Ordorite, EZ Living encountered some of the issues when trying to expand. Due to their rapid expansion (from 2 – 13 stores), EZ Living needed live information across all stores and departments such as sales, delivery, order changes, stock levels, financials and other. Ordorite provided EZ Living with a comprehensive system which increased and improved productivity, operational efficiency, decision making and cash flow during its expansion, growing from a company turning €5 million per annum to its current turnover in excess of €40 million. Liam Dilleen, Director, Ez Living, Testimonial: “We needed to systemise our furniture business in order to have one full integrated system to support our expansion. Ordorite provided this to us, tailoring their product to meet our needs. We have worked closely with Ordorite over the years to help our business grow from 2 stores to 13 stores, with more than 150 employees using the system daily. They are now the corner stone of our business, providing us live stock across all our branches and KPI information for all departments, which guides us to make accurate business decisions.” THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION14
  17. 17. Brand Interiors Case Study: Prior to Ordorite, Brand Interiors had no real system in place and were looking for a software product to help them efficiently manage their stock control and daily running of business. No other software company was meeting their needs until they met Ordorite. Brand Interiors were looking for software which was user-friendly, had previous clients in the same industry, and a software team they could rely upon, and Ordorite met all these requirements. From the outset, Ordorite took a hands-on approach and outlined a training plan to guide Brand Interiors with the implementation of the software. The software was a success for Brand Interiors, offering them flexible pricing, straight forward set-up and installation, the ability to track stock, and much more. Andrew Blackburn, Financial Director, Brand Interiors, Testimonial: “We were looking to expand our number of stores and we need to manage stock across all branches and warehouse. Ordorite gave us the power to manage our stock live and helped us improve our stock turn. They also helped us improve efficiency across the whole business as the system linked Point of Sale all the way through to order fulfilment.” THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION 15
  18. 18. About Ordorite, since launching in 2006, has customers in UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Asia. With Ordorite’s team having over 20 years industry experience in furniture retail, Ordorite’s software solution is specifically dedicated to furniture and bedding retail. With our offices in the UK and Ireland, we have a team which work closely with our customers both on-site and remotely. We pride ourselves in building a strong relationship and partnership with customers to ensure you get the best return for your business. As the IT industry evolves, we are always innovating to ensure our solution is a step ahead of what’s needed in the industry today. THE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION16
  19. 19. THE COMPLETE FURNITURE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONTHE COMPLETE FURNITURE RETAIL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTION Customers saw improved stock accuracy within 1 month 9/10 Customers saw immediate efficiencies across all departments 92% Since adopting the Ordorite system Retailers cash flow has improved since acquiring the Ordorite system 60% Customers have seen an increase in gross profit margin (up to 9%) within the first year 80%Customers saw improved stock accuracy within 1 month 9/10 Customers saw immediate efficiencies across all departments 92% Since adopting the Ordorite system Retailers cash flow has improved since acquiring the Ordorite system 60% Customers have seen an increase in gross profit margin (up to 9%) within the first year 80%
  20. 20. FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING OUR PRODUCT, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US TODAY Contact Details Lock House, Dominick Street, Galway, Ireland H91 YNH6 Phone (IRL): +353 91 442426 Phone (USA): + 1 732 788 3030 Email: info@ordorite.com Web: www.ordorite.com Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, United Kingdom EC1V 2NX Phone (UK): +44 203 2861 202