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A/B Testing for WordPress & Drupal

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Accurate A/B tests can make a huge difference to the performance of your website. These slides will teach you how you can test ideas, copy, and designs without major investment in infrastructure. Optimizely partners with the Pantheon team to explain why A/B testing is essential to the success of your and your clients’ websites.

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A/B Testing for WordPress & Drupal

  1. 1. Matt Stodolnic VP Marketing & Alliances Pantheon Brad Taylor Senior Frontend Engineer Optimizely Matthew Auerbach Developer Evangelist Optimizely
  2. 2. ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔
  3. 3. Importance of Experimentation ● ● ○ ●
  4. 4. What is A/B Testing? Comparing two variations of a webpage to see which performs better
  5. 5. Hypothesis: Attracting more attention to the SHOP NOW button will increase impressions to the item catalog A B
  6. 6. Business Objective: Reduce cost of free shipping program and deliver better online shopping experience Goal: Encourage visitors to purchase only one instead of multiple sizes Experiment: Target a helpful modal to ‘size-conscious’ shoppers to assist them with finding the correct fit Impact: 80% decrease in return rate for ‘size-conscious’ shoppers Case Study Brooks
  7. 7. VARIATION 80% Fewer returns
  8. 8. Visual Editor
  9. 9. The Optimizely Snippet https://help.optimizely.com/Set_Up_Optimizely/Implement_the_Optimizely_snippet Each project has its own project code, called the snippet. Optimizely snippet contents: • Active Experiments / Campaigns* • Draft Experiments / Campaigns* • Project Metrics • Project Audiences • Extensions* • Optimizely execution and tracking logic * Optimizely can be configured to either remove these from the snippet or load them asynchronously.
  10. 10. Drupal Module Makes it easy to define which pages to load the Optimizely JS, no native editor functionality. WordPress Install JS snippet directly in the head module Easy Access to A/B Testing
  11. 11. ● Secure the necessary tools ● Observe user behavior ● Develop a hypothesis ● Create tests for your hypothesis ● Analyze results
  12. 12. ● Google Analytics or other analytics tool (make sure tools are working). ● Optimizely or other easy to use, easy to setup (SaaS/JS include) testing tool. ● Crazy Egg or other user behavior / click tracking tool
  13. 13. Google Behavior Flow. Where are people going on our website? Click-path analysis (by URL) Crazy Egg What are people clicking on our website? More visual click-path analysis (by clicks)
  14. 14. More clicks, please.
  15. 15. More clicks, please.
  16. 16. ● New Messaging will connect with our visitors and more our our visitors will navigate to the tools pages of our website. ● Sign-Ups will increase because we are our value propositions are more aligned to our audience.
  17. 17. ● A| B Testing Almost anything on your website that affects visitor behavior can be A/B tested. ● Testing Complete Pages like Pantheon did for this test requires more planning for redirection of traffic and measuring multiple changes at once.
  18. 18. 50% - CONTROL 50% - VARIATION
  19. 19. ● Engagement - % of visitors who clicked on any part of the experiment page ● Traffic to new user-specific landing pages - % of visitors who visited any of the three new landing pages ● Developer Registration - % of visitors who registered for a free developer account
  20. 20. A B C
  21. 21. ● New Homepage - A new homepage is both an A/B test and a multivariate test. ● Just Start Testing - Agree with testing purists and move on. Improve the site, create new tests. Improve the site, create new tests.
  22. 22. • Improve the user experience • Verify new product features • Drive specific KPIs • Test messaging • Measure algorithm performance • Build a culture of experimentation Why is A/B testing important?
  23. 23. Working with your organization
  24. 24. Enable Rapid Experimentation by Everyone Built for business users See results in real-time Act with confidence and developers Always-on experimentation
  25. 25. Experiment across your organization and business objectives Marketing Data Science Engineering Operations Product Grow revenue Reduce costs Build brand Maximize Profits Experiment to roll out new features Experiment to optimize your site’s functionality Experiment with user experience to drive engagement Experiment to better understand recommendation algorithms Experiment for lead generation and conversion rate
  26. 26. Why stats engine
  27. 27. 1920s Data is expensive Data is slow Practitioners are trained experts 2017 Data is cheap Data is real-time Everyone is a practitioner Back then, stats was hard!
  28. 28. Before Stats Engine: Lots of work to get valid results To get valid results for a test, you had to follow some rules: ● Set a sample size in advance ● No peeking ● Can’t test too many goals and variations
  29. 29. After Stats Engine: Always valid results to make decisions in real-time Sequential testing Look at results in real time False discovery rate control Test as many goals and variations as needed = Always valid results with Stats Engine
  30. 30. Optimizely platform from a dev perspective Experiment SDKs Developer Tools REST API Behavior API Event API Data Export Extensions Web Tools Customer Profiles
  31. 31. Optimizely X: Operationalize Experimentation Across the Organization Enable Rapid Experimentation by Everyone Experiment Everywhere on Any Channel and Device Deliver High-Performing Personalized Experiences Optimize Anything that Matters to your Business
  32. 32. Extensions • Reusable templates for making changes in the visual editor. • A developer can build a extension with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript • Customizable fields allow any user to alert the Extension • Pop-up message, banner, countdown timer, etc… • Sample Library
  33. 33. Extensions
  34. 34. Get started with experimentation today! Documentation and developer information: developers.optimizely.com Free trial: optimizely.com/free-trial