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What’s new in OpenText Legal Tech

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OpenText™ Discovery 16 provides end-to-end technology for eDiscovery, forensic data collection, contract analysis and knowledge management. Using powerful machine learning, unstructured data analytics and automation, legal teams can manage, search, analyze and produce critical information for discovery, investigations and compliance.

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What’s new in OpenText Legal Tech

  1. 1. Release 16 Enhancement Pack 7 (EP7) October 2019 What’s new in OpenText Legal Tech
  2. 2. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 2 OpenText is a global leader in legal technology, offering an unmatched breadth and depth of solutions to help legal practitioners tackle eDiscovery and investigations, legal content management, contract analysis and enterprise search. With an industry-leading Enterprise Information Management platform, pioneering analytics and machine learning capabilities and experienced professional services teams, OpenText helps legal customers understand the large volumes of data they collect, generate and oversee, while incorporating the benefits of automation and AI.
  3. 3. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 3 What’s new in Release 16 EP7 for OpenText Legal Tech
  4. 4. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 4 OpenText™ Axcelerate™ End-to-end eDiscovery and investigations technology for document review, fact finding and similar use cases, complete with enterprise data connectors, robust culling, processing, automated redactions and integrated AI and analytics
  5. 5. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 5 Introducing automated, machine translations powered by Veritone aiWARE™ • 29 languages can be translated to English over a secure, API integration • Kick off translation jobs directly inside of Axcelerate • Only extracted text is transferred for translation, never native files • Complements existing language detection capabilities Requires separate license with Veritone to execute translation; Axcelerate integration offered at no additional cost Translate documents on the fly and expedite multilingual review
  6. 6. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 6 Introducing sentiment analysis and entity extraction powered by OpenText™ Magellan™ • Categorize documents according to positive, neutral or negative sentiment • Identify named individuals and geographical places • Surface new layers of information for even more advanced communication analysis and investigation • Integrated into Smart Filters at no additional cost and compatible with Predictive Filter technology Analyze sentiment, people and places in documents
  7. 7. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 7 OpenText™ eDOCS Secure and centralized legal enterprise content (document) management solution that helps capture, govern, find and securely collaborate on sensitive legal work product
  8. 8. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 8 Find relevant information faster with MindServer search engine • Leverage conceptual search models to surface relevant information without knowing precise keywords • Save and share searches for fast access to the most current and top priority projects, eliminating search set-up duplications • Automated search suggestions based on first few letters • Quickly find information while working inside your favorite Microsoft® Office applications • Access across devices from inside the OpenText™ InfoCenter UI for a consistently powerful experience • Google-like search results
  9. 9. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 9 Manage documents inside any Microsoft Office application eDOCS InfoCenter for Microsoft Office • Manage the entire content lifecycle while working inside any Microsoft® Office authoring application of choice—no need to leave your work product • Easily find, open, save and share content via eDOCS panel and eliminate unnecessary clicks to open multiple UIs • Expand and tailor personalized workflow inside combined, familiar business apps and content management
  10. 10. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 10 Access documents from any browser and device eDOCS InfoCenter Web • Freely access information from any browser and on any device • Quickly create customized work dashboard • Arrange prioritized project tiles in the UI easily without coding
  11. 11. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 11 OpenText™ Decisiv™ Unified, AI-enhanced search across the enterprise, to quickly find documents, expertise and projects needed from all sources and locations
  12. 12. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 12 • All new, modern UI ◦ User-centric layout in the OpenText design language with prominent single search bar, type-ahead results preview and more ◦ Deliver streamlined, intuitive search ◦ Execute a single search criteria across dozens of content repositories • Mobile responsive layout ◦ Access Decisiv from a mobile device with optimized and responsive layout Search faster and more intuitively TM
  13. 13. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 13 OpenText™ EnCase ™ eDiscovery A market-leading application that identifies, collects and analyzes potentially relevant content across virtually any source in a forensically-sound and defensible manner, for early and continuous case assessment and analysis
  14. 14. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 14 Reduce EnCase eDiscovery project creation time by 75% EnCase eDiscovery templates • Reduce the time to create new projects with EnCase eDiscovery’s newly enhanced templates • Templates enable administrators to quickly copy criteria and workflows from existing cases to reduce the time to create a new project by more than 75% • Templates also standardize methodology across similar matters with just a few clicks to promote consistency and adherence to standards
  15. 15. OpenText Confidential. ©2019 All Rights Reserved. 15 opentext.com twitter.com/opentext linkedin.com/company/opentext Thank you