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Example Solutions<br />Solutions emerging from Random Hacks of Kindness

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Example SolutionsSolutions emerging from Seattle during RHoK 3 on 4-5 June 2011Seattle was 1 of 19 locations that hosted RHoK 3.Tethered Towers: Using a tethered high-altitude balloon with sensors/wifi attached to it to provide situational awareness to ground teams in localized disaster areasOpen211: A streamlined way to get community maintenance and needs information to a centralized searchable database.MoveFood: An application which matched food surpluses with local charities using volunteers as the transportation as needs arose. HelpSauce: Enabling small observations of many users to add up to large observations by encouraging the use of “!help” and “!sos” hashtags on Twitter, then porting those to a localized map of the geotags of the tweets.iRespond: Coordinates the activities of first responders in a robust manner via a minimal SMS network.A platform to verify local ground weather data in Bolivia with NASA satellite dataSAARAA: Providing situational awareness and rapid damage assessments to first responders eco-Tricorder: A means to take publicly available environmental data to the smartphone, and allow users to augment the satellite or other global data with local measurements.

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