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OBF Academy - Working together on recognizing skills needed in working life

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Lotta Pakanen from the Sivis Study Centre presents how NGOs have worked together on developing and building badges for working life skills.

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OBF Academy - Working together on recognizing skills needed in working life

  1. 1. Working together on recognizing skills needed in working life Lotta Pakanen, specialist Sivis Study Centre 2019
  2. 2. What is Sivis? • Sivis Study Centre is an institute promoting non-formal adult education. Sivis is partly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. • Sivis is maintained by the Association for Educational Activities (AEA). We organize education and training for our member organisations (70), which represent the fields of health, education and culture, citizens’ advice, the environment and other specific areas of activity. All of our member organisations are politically independent. • Sivis has been developing and issuing Open Badges since 2013.
  3. 3. ”Make working life skills visible” - A shared project (2019) with Sivis Study Centre, Accenture Finland, 4H, The Guides and Scouts of Finland and The Finnish Red Cross. + many more!
  4. 4. Our aim was to… • recognize and validate different working life skills that can be attained in NGO´s activities. • give especially young people and immigrants new possibilities to show and display their skills. • facilitate employment. AND • to build together a shareable family of badges (total 8).
  5. 5. Background and frame of reference - entities, paths & connections https://www.oph.fi/fi/tilastot-ja-julkaisut/julkaisut/osaaminen-2035 Generic skills 2035, TOP 10 Finnish National Agency for Education (2019): Skills 2035
  6. 6. Building a badge family - online meetings, workshops & demonstration/feedback visits Life ja career skills - Organizing skill - Ability to work independently - Multicultural skill - Ability to work together - Learning and innovation skills - Creativity - Ability to learn Information, media and technology skills - Digital skill - Communication skill
  7. 7. Roles and responsibilities Facilitator Project leader Badge creator Badge sharer (”linker”) Application reviewer Badge issuer Badge & recipient enhancer Badge displayer Badge viewer Accenture Finland Sivis Study Centre Sivis Study Centre Sivis Study Centre NGO NGO All the project partners + others Volunteer Future employer
  8. 8. Organizing skill The holder of this badge can control entities. Organizing skill requires a ability to work independelty and plan your own timetables so that the objective is achieved in deadline.
  9. 9. Skill areas Skill demonstration  application ESCO-alignment
  10. 10. Badge endorsement Owner endorsement