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Call Center Metrics That Matter

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Metrics and KPI's that should be displayed to the call center

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Call Center Metrics That Matter

  1. 1. Spectrum eNewsletter Metrics that Matter
  2. 2. The question that we are asked most is "What KPI's, Metrics or information should we capture and display on Center Digital Signage?" Each call center (contact center) has specific goals that are unique to that call center. would affect what disparate data is captured and displayed. However, there are some general guidelines to follo most of your Real Time Reporting and Digital Signage Solution. Some Spectrum call center customers are capturing and displaying ACD statistics for the group (skill) and age statistics and states). This data is scrubbed and optimized properly, can become actionable information that hel center become effective and efficient. The rest of Spectrum call center customers have determined which Metrics that Matter most to their call center Spectrum to collect much more data and convert that data into highly useful metric and KPI's. These call cente collecting data from other systems beside the ACD. Some of these other systems include: • IVR - to show where calls have abandoned or "zero" out to an agent most often; • CRM - Sales revenue, quotes, invoices,CSat, lost customers and forecasting data; • WFM - Adherence; • Surveys - FCR and CSat scores; • Call Costs; • Home Grown Databases - these are databases that are critical to the business and can include data from customer satisfaction ratings, revenue, call costs, trends and goals. To follow best practices of real time reporting and call center digital signage a call center should be capturing directly affects each level of the call center. This data should then be scrubbed and optimized for each of the st the call center (agent, team leaders, managers, and senior management). Each stakeholder requires different ac information to be able to effectively do their jobs. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about Metrics that Matter most to a call center and what information eac is receiving from the real time reporting and call center digital signage solution. Spectrum Corporation 713-944-6200 info@specorp.com www.specorp.com