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Wework Perth Entrepreneur Strategy 2019 Doyle Buehler Digital Strategy

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The Entrepreneur Journey & Story HOW do you MANAGE Your HURDLES AND SUCCESS of Business?

In the Digital Age, journey matters now more than ever for GROWTH.

If you have a strategy you can tell your true journey. You can GROW your business with a journey.

Wework Perth Entrepreneur Strategy 2019 Doyle Buehler Digital Strategy

Wework - knows the journey of their audience
Uber - knows the journey of their audience
Airbnb - knows the journey of their audience


WeWork founders did not get their startup to a $47 billion dollar company in just 9 years by constantly posting on social. They had a purpose. A Story. They took us on a journey.

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Wework Perth Entrepreneur Strategy 2019 Doyle Buehler Digital Strategy

  1. 1. The Entrepreneur’s Story Doyle Buehler, MBA @doylebuehler HOW do you MANAGE Your HURDLES AND SUCCESS of Business?
  2. 2. Where are YOU now?
  3. 3. Where Could You Be? Where Could You Grow?
  4. 4. @doylebuehler
  5. 5. Isn’t it cool - It’s the greatest time in history, as we have access to literally billions of people around the world. @doylebuehler
  6. 6. It’s also the worst time in history, because we have access to… literally billions of other people around the world. Competition is fierce; @doylebuehler
  7. 7. It’s never been easier to get your ideas out there, but it’s the hardest time because there is so much more noise out there HOW do you MANAGE Your HURDLES AND SUCCESS?
  8. 8. Do you need to be a superhero?
  9. 9. Does it really need to be complicated?
  10. 10. What does 2020 hold? Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars? @doylebuehler
  11. 11. What’s Your Inflection Point? @doylebuehler What is the point that you will ‘change’ for the better?
  12. 12. *In business for 18+ years *Built multiple tech/ecomm startups *Expanded around the world *Top 40 Fastest Growing Company in Canada & #1 Fastest in the State *Agency work with Fortune 100 Co’s *Run a Global Strategic Digital Consultancy Strategy & Storytelling for the digital age. @doylebuehler
  13. 13. Ask me later on how to get a free copy of my NEW Book on Digital Strategy - “#Breakthrough – Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence & Authority” Start Your Transformation Journey Breakthrough.Digital @doylebuehler
  14. 14. Tom Goodwin, Tech Crunch 2015
  15. 15. YET… WeWork founders did not get their startup to a $47 billion dollar company in just 9 years by constantly posting on social.They had a purpose. A Story.They took us on a journey.
  16. 16. Wework - knows the journey of their audience Uber - knows the journey of their audience Airbnb - knows the journey of their audience Do you?
  17. 17. Business is scary? @doylebuehler
  18. 18. We have to look deeper… the “answer” is not always right in front of us. “The armor doesn’t go where the bullet holes are. It goes where the bullet holes aren’t: on the engines” – Abraham Wald How do we define our gaps? @doylebuehler
  19. 19. Let’s Rethink that… • The 5 Figure Dream… • The 6 Figure Dream… • The 7 Figure Dream…
  20. 20. You’re Part of the Story
  21. 21. Be Specific 1. Where are you now?Where do you want to go? 2. Watch falling into the “gaps” 3. Create a methodology 4. Create systems 5. Create a foundation 6. Prioritise
  22. 22. Yet, not everyone is even ready for “business” & the journey… Are you?
  23. 23. There has to be a better way… What does it really all mean?
  24. 24. Can’t figure out who/what to blame? What’s Your Strategy? What’s your journey?
  25. 25. In the Digital Age, journey matters now more than ever for GROWTH. If you have a strategy you can tell your true journey. You can GROW your business with a journey.
  26. 26. Entrepreneurship Is a Journey Move from the single, transaction to the transformational journey How do we create the journey?
  27. 27. The journey is what gives you & your customer clarity & certainty about their future. This is your strategy. You control the narrative, the roadmap.
  28. 28. It’s not a journey about how awesome you are, along with your amazing tech & company Nor how you are going to “change the world”. They’ve heard it all before.
  29. 29. Nor even about being the next “amazing” founder
  30. 30. How Do We Build Your Journey, Your Strategy, Your Growth?
  31. 31. The keystone concept We need a Growth Framework; a ”Keystone” methodology to hold all the pieces of business, “up”. Entrepreneurship Is a Journey
  32. 32. Or it simply is rubble
  33. 33. @doylebuehler But what amazing things you can do with it.
  34. 34. @doylebuehler
  35. 35. Your #Breakthrough Strategy Your ”Keystone” Your Growth @doylebuehler
  36. 36. Think of it like 7 Buckets…
  37. 37. The Growth of Your Business Depends on You Developing Your Niche Leadership Genius • Being Competitive in the digital environment • Developing New Customers Online • Demonstrating “Digital Leadership” • Understanding & Knowledge about what works and what doesn’t Entrepreneurship Is a Journey
  38. 38. What does your business journey look like? Levers? Process? Methodology? Top 10 Customer Characteristics?
  39. 39. http://bit.ly/strategycanvas
  40. 40. Your Survival Is Not Assured. Your Growth is never “Automated”; it’s never ”just” about “fancy” project stuff, either. @doylebuehler
  41. 41. @doylebuehler What’s Killing Businesses? 60% of businesses cease operating within the first five years of starting. …They stop thinking strategic, long-term.
  42. 42. It's going to be a brave, new digital world in 2020 - but only for those businesses who take the time to create an effective strategy that aligns their value with what their audience is actively seeking to solve their challenges. And, a strategy that helps your business correct itself upright under all conditions that you encounter. @doylebuehler What signs do you see?
  43. 43. 1) Who is your hero - what are they thinking and feeling & doing? 2) Translate your Hero’s journey - what do they really want - what they are telling you and not telling you? 3) Map the social/digital journey with your digital assets, platform, value, marketing. 4) Build a #Breakthrough strategy that creates growth & certainty. How To Create & Capture The Remarkable Journey:
  44. 44. The Hero’s Journey is about your customer, the hero of their story. What are we supposed to do?
  45. 45. Capture. Their Brilliant Journey
  46. 46. Capture. Their Compelling Journey
  47. 47. Capture. Their Human Journey
  48. 48. Capture. Your SOLUTION with THEM.
  49. 49. You have three mini challenges to make sure that you’re not going to be a statistic: Your Entrepreneur Challenge @doylebuehler
  50. 50. 1) “When” & What is your inflection point for change? 2) What process will you embrace? What is your “keystone”? 3) How will you deliver your promise to yourself, your business, your customers? Your Entrepreneur Challenge @doylebuehler
  51. 51. Watch the Baton, Not the Runner Prolific Beats Perfect. IN the age of digital – minutes count, you’re only 1 click away from your competitors @doylebuehler
  52. 52. What’s 1 Degree off Course? Strategy is the 1º for Your Growth @doylebuehler
  53. 53. What are you going to use?
  54. 54. You're only one click away from your competitors. Businesses without a solid strategy will not be able to breakthrough the clutter and noise of what is there now and what is coming. @doylebuehler
  55. 55. Journey Matters in creating your own certainty, your own future, your own growth for your business. This is your strategy.
  56. 56. Remember - it’s a journey- it’s also about your hero’s journey - your ideal client’s journey. We want to be Luke Skywalker, but must be like Yoda @doylebuehler
  57. 57. Business is harder. If you’re not prepared.
  58. 58. Create the call of adventure for you to Grow Your Business. Create Your Journey What do you believe is possible?
  59. 59. Don’t get in your way. 😂 😂 😂 @doylebuehler
  60. 60. www.Leadership.Digital Take the #DigitalGenius Assessment & Get a Free Paperback Copy Of #Breakthrough & Links to Business Canvases
  61. 61. @doylebuehler Please Reach Out & Introduce Yourself After The Presentation
  62. 62. Unleash Your Digital Genius @doylebuehler Doyle Buehler QUESTIONS?
  63. 63. @doylebuehler
  64. 64. Bonus Material
  65. 65. Your Don’t Need To Be Albert Einstein To Be A #DigitalGenius It’s your strategic thinking
  66. 66. You just need to be able to tie all the pieces of your digital ecosystem together… …properly
  67. 67. What’s Your Digital Genius? Skills & Leadership in Social Awareness&Knowledge ofSocial Digital Genius Zone Clarity & Certainty – understanding of Social to GROW & SCALE within business Thought Leader or “Guru” Zone Good ideas, but little knowledge to grow/scale within business with Social Disrupted Zone Overwhelmed, confused, non-competitive (analysis paralysis Technician Zone Knows ‘social’ but can’t fully implement within business
  68. 68. To create high-performing teams, agile methodologies value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. All Agile practices seek to increase communication and collaboration through frequent inspect-and-adapt cycles and consistency of collaborative exchange rooted in a foundation of Agile ”truth”. @doylebuehler
  69. 69. Agile Foundations - 4 Values •Individuals and interactions over processes and tools; •Working software over comprehensive documentation; •Customer collaboration over contract negotiation; and •Responding to change over following a plan. @doylebuehler
  70. 70. Agile Development The Agile approach is defined by its commitment to creating results incrementally. The approach offers users new versions, or releases, of software following brief periods of work. Those brief periods of work are often called sprints. Previously we would compile the needs and requirements of the users and then build the software all at once. The completed project is released at the very end of the project cycle. Alternative to these types of waterfall approaches, which it described as "documentation driven, heavyweight software development processes." @doylebuehler
  71. 71. What about for “real business”? Being nimble and responsive has always been one of the advantages small business owners (ie BBG members) have over much larger competitors The agile approach (whether used in Software development or other processes) offers a good way to implement market responsive solutions It also has the potential to enable larger (traditionally more cumbersome) competitors to close the "nimble and @doylebuehler
  72. 72. How Will You Adapt & Adopt? 1. Iterative planning 2. Iterative delivery 3. User stories 4. Estimation and prioritization 5. Demonstrations, retrospectives, and stand-ups 6. Communication and collaboration 7. Team structures and roles Adopting an strategic way of working is a key component of 'growth hacking’. It can also take your site from strength to strength and optimize your online marketing. Here are seven elements of agile you can apply to your own projects @doylebuehler
  73. 73. Here’s How To Get Started 1. Underpin it with a clearly-defined strategy 2. Conduct an ‘as-is’ audit 3. Identify the most appropriate approach for you 4. Create a training plan 5. Implement a trial project/period 6. Roll out across your organization @doylebuehler
  74. 74. What’s In Your Toolbox? Changing the way you work isn’t necessarily easy. You should ensure the tool: •Doesn’t add needless extra features or complexity that disrupts your workflow •Allows you to track project progress •Lets you take down notes, such as feedback or requests from users and other stakeholders •allowing you to review ‘sprints’ (designated periods of time to rapidly accelerate the project) so you can take of notes on the lessons to take forward into the next one. @doylebuehler
  75. 75. Keep it simple. @doylebuehler