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State of Digital Q4 2019 Doyle Buehler digital strategy web event

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Ready to put your best business forward in 2020?

Digital is big, confusing and chaotic; how do we break it down and make it far easier for business to strategize, navigate and implement?

In this quarterly web event, we'll review:
- Look back at 2019 - highlights and changes we've seen
- Look forward at 2020 trends that will affect you
- Tips & tricks for owning your digital assets in 2020
- What's important to get your digital straightened out
- Shifting the strategic mindset of business
- The art of selling more online

You need to attend this web event if you are wanting to make your digital strategy and digital marketing easier, more efficient, and more effective for your business.

Learn how to detangle, translate, and transform from the chaos of busy-ness in the digital economy.

What are you going to get done?

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State of Digital Q4 2019 Doyle Buehler digital strategy web event

  1. 1. The State of Digital 2019 Q4 Doyle Buehler, MBA @doylebuehler Real World Knowledge to Survive & Thrive In The Digital Economy
  2. 2. *In business for 18 years *Built multiple tech/ecomm startups *Expanded around the world *Top 40 Fastest Growing Company in Canada & #1 Fastest in the State *Agency work with Fortune 100 Co’s *Run a Global Strategic Digital Consultancy Strategy & Storytelling for the digital age. @doylebuehler
  3. 3. Agenda • 1. Intro • 2. Looking Back at 2019 - highlights and changes we've seen • 3. Tools • 4. Looking Forward at 2020 trends that will affect you in the Digital Economy • 5. Refining Your Digital Assets & Ecosystem in 2020 – Strategy mapping – The Black Wire – Digital Genius
  4. 4. Here are some of the biggest business challenges online. What Are Yours?
  5. 5. Housekeeping • Feel free to screenshot • If you share, please tag @doylebuehler • It’s a Learning Web Event, NOT a sales webinar – here to show you what’s going on – No programs to buy – I even have a gift for you at the end • Questions? Please type them in along the way & I’ll answer them all at the end.
  6. 6. #LookBack2019 1. Collaboration is Key 1. Focus on personas & collaboration (“Uber & Wework” on-demand collaborative models) 2. Finding best teams / best partners / best supports 2. Elephant in the Room: PVAC – Privacy, Voice, Automation/AI & Chatbots 1. Privacy - Cambridge Analytica/The Great Hack Doco 2. Voice – Share of “Voice” 3. Automation – Process automation & Human Centred AI 4. Chabots - ManyChat 3. Social & Search 1. Testing “like” counts – what does it mean? 2. Google “Bert” Algo update – What does it mean?
  7. 7. Automation/AI vs. Human Centred
  8. 8. Chatbots
  9. 9. SOURCE: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/new-report-examines-the-impact-of- instagrams-hidden-likes-experiment-on-in/566887/
  10. 10. BERT, which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, is a neural network-based technique for natural language processing pre-training. In plain English, it can be used to help Google better discern the context of words in search queries.
  11. 11. How Does It Affect Business? • “How can I optimize for BERT?” - There’s nothing to optimize for with BERT, nor anything for anyone to be rethinking • Google’s advice on ranking well has consistently been to keep the user in mind and create content that satisfies their search intent. Since BERT is designed to interpret that intent, it makes sense that giving the user what they want continues to be Google’s go-to advice. • “Optimizing” now means that you can focus more on good, clear writing, instead of compromising between creating content for your audience and the linear phrasing construction for machines.
  12. 12. 50 Years Ago – The “Internet” Was Born The year 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the first host-to-host internet connection. Please think about the next 50 years. Where will the internet and digital life be a half century from now?
  13. 13. SOURCE: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/what-happens-on-the-internet-every-minute-2019-version- infographic/558793/
  14. 14. Source: https://wearesocial.com/blog/2019/10/the-global-state-of-digital-in-october-2019 Thanks to: Simon Kemp @eskimon @hootsuite @wearesocial
  15. 15. WEF – World Economic Forum Resources
  16. 16. https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/a1Gb0000001SH21EAG?tab=publications
  17. 17. Tools For 2019/2020 • Ubersuggest.com – Traffic, Content & Positioning • Answerthepublic.com – The “answer” is the question • Buzzsumo.com – People & Topics • FYI.to – Content Curation • Repurpose.io – Content Repurposing • Whatsapp/slack (groups & collaboration) ManyChat • Tools.digital
  18. 18. AnswerThePublic.com
  19. 19. Looking Forward • The Black Wire • 5 Trends • #DigitalGenius • Assets & Ecosystems
  20. 20. The Black Wire “How to detangle, focus and transform from the chaos of busy- ness in the digital economy” Doyle Buehler, MBA @doylebuehler
  21. 21. Which “Black Wire” Is The Longest? @doylebuehler
  22. 22. Isn’t it cool - It’s the greatest time in history, as we have access to literally billions of people around the world. @doylebuehler
  23. 23. It’s also the worst time in history, because we have access to… literally billions of other people around the world. @doylebuehler
  24. 24. It’s never been easier to get your ideas out there, but it’s the hardest time because there is so much more noise out there @doylebuehler
  25. 25. You're only one click away from your competitors. @doylebuehler
  26. 26. Businesses without a solid digital strategy will not be able to breakthrough the clutter and noise of what is HERE NOW and what is coming. @doylebuehler
  27. 27. How Do You Change This… @doylebuehler
  28. 28. …Into This? @doylebuehler …With Your Digital Strategy
  29. 29. “Strategy isn’t the dance, the orchestra, nor even the stage & lights. It’s like ”The Black Wire” that transcends everything to be seen & heard in the performance itself. The Black Wire detangles, focuses and transforms those from the chaos of busy-ness in the digital age” @doylebuehler
  30. 30. It’s time to find your Black Wire… @doylebuehler
  31. 31. The Black Wire >connects & integrates >separates & removes chaos >creates impact >it’s the live “circuit” to help you detangle and transform from the chaos of busy-ness in the digital age @doylebuehler
  32. 32. >Influencers won’t save you - they are fading >New fans won’t save you – not all fans are buyers nor created “equal” >Posting won’t save you – there’s no real business >“Content” alone will not save you – as there is no structure It’s not always as EASY as it seems. @doylebuehler What are the 2020 Digital Business Trends?
  33. 33. These are the “Glaciers”, the Trends of change for 2020 & Beyond Trends don’t care if you don’t know about them…but they continue to sculpt the economic landscape. These are not the “tech trends”, as these change on a never-ending basis – these are the trends of digital culture and our relationships with digital and business. @doylebuehler
  34. 34. #1 We are in the age of self- innovation & creativity. We all want to be a Picasso, Steven Spielberg or Lady Gaga to create our work of art, our masterpieces for the world to enjoy. Your digital has to be a platform for this, to understand, support and encourage. @doylebuehler
  35. 35. #2 We are in the age of behaviours - it’s beyond data and what data means. It’s more than just your credit card details. It’s how you react, respond and seek out what you love online. There are no more clear lines that simply delineate “personas” or ‘avatars’; we need to focus on the behaviours Your digital has to understand what your customer is telling you, and what they are not telling you. @doylebuehler
  36. 36. #3 We are in the age of Human-ness. No longer can everything be automated for business. It simply does not work. Your digital has to understand, support and encourage a human-centric approach. @doylebuehler
  37. 37. #4 We Are In The Age Of Reducing Friction. Anything that slows your audience down is something that they will avoid. It’s now, it’s instant. Your digital has to provide a clear pathway, a journey that has no obstacles. @doylebuehler
  38. 38. #5 We are in the age of zero trust, and we’re not going to trust you until you give us a damn good reason. •>How do you protect my Privacy •>How do you create Permission based marketing & selling •>How do you Personalize the experience that you offer so it is unique? Your digital has to “step up” and provide what is expected, without conditions. @doylebuehler
  39. 39. The Changing Digital Landscape – Assets v. Ecosystem Digital Assets • Your content • Your structures • Your tools Digital Ecosystem • Your Channels • Your mediums • Your ‘Journey’
  40. 40. The Changing Digital Landscape – Owning Your Digital Ecosystem
  41. 41. The Journey to the “Zero Moment of Truth” 7 Hours 11 Touchpoints 4 Channels @doylebuehler
  42. 42. @doylebuehler Your Audience Is ON a Journey
  43. 43. ATM • [visual of ATM] Source: Daniel Priestley, Key Person of Influence
  44. 44. Your #Breakthrough Strategy Your ”Keystone” Your Digital Genius Your Growth
  45. 45. Or it simply is rubble
  46. 46. @doylebuehler But what amazing things you can do with it.
  47. 47. The Changing Digital Landscape – Owning Your Digital Assets
  48. 48. Strategy Questions • What are we “about”? __________________ • What do we do best? ___________________ • What makes it work? ___________________ • What VALUE are you going to Deliver – Today? “Tomorrow”? Next Year? ________________ @doylebuehler
  49. 49. How to ‘ZMOT’ Your Digital Ecosystem WATCH • 5 Content Videos • 2 CTA Videos • 1 Landing Page video READ • Scorecard Report • Free Chapter • 5 Articles LISTEN • Soundcloud links • 3rd party podcast • Own Podcast DO • Diagnostic Scorecard • Templates/Tools • Exercises/Canvas
  50. 50. Digital Asset Hierarchy Landscape Value of Digital Asset PerformanceofDigitalAsset *Videos *Blog *Gift Low Performance & Low Results High Performance & High Results *Social Media *Social images *Webinar *Guide or Checklist *Podcast *Workshop *Diagnostic or Assessment *Value Sequence *Mastermind
  51. 51. “We believe in the power of insights into the digital economy to drive business value. This is called DigitalGenius.”
  52. 52. You Don’t Need To Be Albert Einstein To Be A #DigitalGenius It’s your strategic thinking
  53. 53. What’s Your Digital Genius? Skills & Leadership in Social Awareness&Knowledge ofSocial Digital Genius Zone Clarity & Certainty – understanding of Social to GROW & SCALE within business Thought Leader or “Guru” Zone Good ideas, but little knowledge to grow/scale within business with Social Disrupted Zone Overwhelmed, confused, non-competitive (analysis paralysis Technician Zone Knows ‘social’ but can’t fully implement within business @doylebuehler
  54. 54. @doylebuehler
  55. 55. What’s Your Digital Genius Score? • Digital Awareness 1 to 10 _____ • Digital Knowledge 1 to 10 _____ • Digital Skills 1 to 10 _____ • Digital Leadership 1 to 10 _____ @doylebuehler
  56. 56. The “Missing Bullets” is your strategy. “The armor doesn’t go where the bullet holes are. It goes where the bullet holes aren’t: on the engines” – Abraham Wald We have to look deeper… the “answer” is not always right in front of us. @doylebuehler
  57. 57. Where are YOU now?
  58. 58. What Happens When Nobody Buys From You?
  59. 59. What’s 1 Degree off Course? Strategy is the 1º for Growth
  60. 60. What’s Your Inflection Point? @doylebuehler What is the point that you will ‘change’ for the better?
  61. 61. Here’s How 1. Harness & understand the challenges that are holding you back 2. Build a compelling strategy that delivers your unique value – Be Seen; Be Heard; Be Understood; BE KNOWN Your Digital Challenge in 2020 is to: • BE Seen • BE Heard • Be Understood • BE KNOWN @doylebuehler
  62. 62. Keep on Moving • What would you like to see next time? • Please send me feedback doyle@dept.digital or LMK if we’re connected on social • Please introduce yourself • Please post a review/comments if you liked it!
  63. 63. Link to Prezo in Slideshare
  64. 64. Unleash Your Digital Genius @doylebuehler Doyle Buehler QUESTIONS? Please Reach Out & Introduce Yourself Online
  65. 65. www.Leadership.Digital Take the #DigitalGenius Assessment & Get a Free Paperback Copy Of #Breakthrough & Links to Business Canvases
  66. 66. @doylebuehler