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Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge 2013 10 10

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The Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge was designed to help entrepreneurs manage the overwhelming and clutter of information online.

Challenge Your Business. Empower Your Entrepreneur... Join the FREE 23 Day Challenge To Accelerate Your Business Online.

Join our new FREE online project that will truly help you with your business, online. We will take you through the unique, proven, action-driven 7 Step plan that will help put your online business where it needs to be. Learn how to cut through the clutter and overwhelming information of online business. We will cover the 7 Steps of the Online Empire Project, the key components of the book, "The Digital Delusion", by Doyle Buehler.

What you will learn:

How to maximize your online business with specific strategies and action

How to create a proper social media plan that works for your business, even with all of the social media clutter

How to connect all of your digital channels together, so that they are truly working together to maximize all of your online efforts

How to develop a sales funnel that creates consistent and additional leads and revenue for your business

How to align your website with all of your various activities that you do, creating cohesion and synchronicity with your business

We will also start with some of the key components that are actually hurting a lot of businesses, what we have called - The 7 Deadly Digital Delusion - behaviors that you may be able to recognize, yet we all seem to be doing it.

We will also accentuate this 23 Days with up to 4 live webinars, featured blog posts, action items, videos and other, to further enhance your understandings of what you need to do.

Think of it as a workshop that actually works (and it gives you work to do!). In literally several minutes a day, you will be able to engage your audience online, to grow your business. Step by step.

Whether you are already online with a website, or no website at all. Or, even if you are currently "working" social media, we will help you maximize your online efforts to truly empower you and your business.


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Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge 2013 10 10

  1. 1. Welcome to:
  2. 2. Hello, My Name is… •Business Entrepreneur since 2002 •MBA (2002, Leadership) •2 start-up businesses in the online ecommerce consumer market; fastest growing company in Canada; Canadian Innovation Award, multiple US patents. •Educator – teach Commerce, Business Planning & Entrepreneurship •Providing Coaching, Management & Consulting to businesses •Considerable time working on the “inside” of Marketing Agencies, along with major Fortune 500 clients, putting the pieces together. Doyle Buehler
  3. 3. What Exactly is Happening to Your Online Business? • Overwhelmed? • Confused? • Misinformed? • Mislead? • Irrelevant? • Stagnating? • Dead Leads? • No Engagement? • No Clarity • Stalled Profits? • Losing Money?
  4. 4. Are you able to use all of them effectively, simultaneously? What Elements are You Using In Your Business?
  5. 5. The Challenges Facing Your Business
  6. 6. What Exactly Is The Digital Delusion? • The over-riding belief that what you are doing is correct and working, and that if you just continue a little bit longer… • That the “gurus” and “experts” will lead the way to the promised land…
  7. 7. The Good & The BAD • Bad Design • Bad Strategy • Bad Integration • Bad Advice • Bad Knowledge-base What Every Business Leader Needs To Know: “How do I leverage my business effectively to overcome the clutter of online information, the overwhelming technology, and the social media hype, so that I can increase sales, promote loyalty and build a successful online presence with my business?”
  8. 8. Guru-speak & buzz words get results.1# Digital Delusion
  9. 9. 2 Social Media & Facebook are Strategies. # Digital Delusion
  10. 10. 3 Online works in Isolation. # Digital Delusion
  11. 11. 4 Advertising is dead and ineffective online. # Digital Delusion
  12. 12. 5 I don’t need a sales funnel for Return On Investment (ROI). # Digital Delusion
  13. 13. 6 Online is “easy”; just write a good story. # Digital Delusion
  14. 14. 7 Customers will always be able to find me. # Digital Delusion
  15. 15. The 7 Day Online Empire Project Framework Begin NOW in working towards an effective solution to become the leader in your industry. Stay Organised as you grow your business. Reduce the Clutter and Confusion. Build your Relevance. Simplify.
  16. 16. The Digital Delusion Manifesto “There has never been a better time to own your future online with your business. The success of you and your business is ONLY about building your knowledge base, using the tools that you have, and being smart about what you do and how you do it. Stop wasting time, money and resources on solutions that don’t provide a clear vision, a clear strategy, and more importantly, a key way to implement what you have learned. Stop the self-perpetuation of the things that are wrong with the online world. Refuse to be segregated or preached to. Build your Online Empire. Become the Master of your Digital Domain. Now is the time to Dominate these Digital Delusions.”
  17. 17. Entrepreneur Online Lab
  18. 18. Where Do I Find It? Link to Entrepreneur Online Lab http://bit.ly/16ycDGU
  19. 19. What Are the Goals? • Give you a new set of tools • Challenge Your Assumptions of Online Business • Test things out in the safety of your computer • Learn what is working and what may not be working • Create some new opportunities for you and your business • Maximise Online
  20. 20. What Does the Entrepreneur Online Lab Look Like? • 23 Days • 4 Webinars • Multiple Exercises • Daily Insights • Daily Emails with link to the activities
  21. 21. What Do I Need To Do? • Spend 5 Minutes a Day on changing what you know by COMPLETING the exercise of the day (3 Questions) • Comment and complete the questions on the site links • Be accountable to your business – stick with it! • Provide FEEDBACK to others on the posts • EXPERIMENT with your business and your assumptions!
  22. 22. What To Do Next? 1. Watch you email each day for the link to the questions for you. 2. If you haven’t registered yet, go to: http://bit.ly/16ycDGU
  23. 23. Thank you! Please contact me with any further questions: Doyle Buehler +61 (0) 413 106 880 doyle@theDigitalDelusion.com