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Digital Transformation Trends 2020 - What's Your Digital Strategy With Doyle Buehler

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Digital Transformation Trends 2020 - What's Your Digital Strategy With Doyle Buehler

Get your PDF outlining the five core trends that will affect your business in 2020.

You may be surprised at what is coming, but also what is already here and what you have to deal with.

Trends are like glaciers - they don't really care who you are or what you do, or even if you try to move them out of the way - the bottom line is you can't move them, yet they can affect you greatly if you're not tuned into them properly, and understand why they are important.

Stop tinkering with your marketing in 2020. Make a positive change forward and find out what you need to know to make everything "click" online.

Put your best business forward find out what is most important to tune in to in the coming months, years and new decade.

Give yourself the help that you deserve with a complete and comprehensive roadmap for the future of your business.

Download now http://digitalmarketingtrends2020.respond.ontraport.net/

Put your best business forward and start planning your digital strategy.

Get started with defining your baseline and developing your digital genius and get a free copy of #Breakthrough: Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence & Authority.

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Digital Transformation Trends 2020 - What's Your Digital Strategy With Doyle Buehler

  1. 1. The Emerging Transformational Trends of Digital Culture in Business Doyle Buehler, MBA @doylebuehler How will you perform in 2020? Real World Knowledge to Survive & Thrive In The Age of Digital
  2. 2. Isn’t it cool - It’s the greatest time in history, as we have access to literally billions of people around the world.
  3. 3. It’s also the worst time in history, because we have access to… literally billions of other people around the world. Competition is fierce;
  4. 4. It’s never been easier to get your ideas out there, but it’s the hardest time because there is so much more noise out there HOW do you GROW?
  5. 5. Where are YOU now? Do you know the winds, the currents, the relationships of digital transformation, business, culture, economics and GROWTH?
  6. 6. Where Could You Be? Where Could You Grow?
  7. 7. What does 2020 hold? Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars?
  8. 8. You're only one click away from your competitors. Businesses without a solid digital strategy for their business will not be able to breakthrough the clutter and noise of what is there and what is coming.
  9. 9. It's going to be a brave, new digital world in 2020 - but only for those businesses who take the time to create an effective strategy that aligns their value with what their audience is actively seeking to solve their challenges. And, a strategy that helps your business correct itself upright under all conditions that you encounter. @doylebuehler
  10. 10. >Influencers won’t save you - they are fading >New fans won’t save you – not all fans are buyers nor created “equal” >Posting won’t save you – there’s no real business >Publishing won’t save you – publishers have died >“Content” alone will not save you – as there is no structure It’s not always as it seems.
  11. 11. AI and chatbots? New social networks? New platforms? New tools? These are all tactics – tools in your toolbox - not strategies, not trends. …But What about…?
  12. 12. These are the “Glaciers”, the Trends of change for 2020 & Beyond Trends don’t care if you don’t know about them…but they continue to sculpt the economic landscape. These are not the “tech trends”, as these change on a never-ending basis – these are the trends of digital culture and our relationships with digital and business.
  13. 13. #1 We are in the age of self-innovation & creativity. We all want to be a Picasso, Steven Spielberg or Lady Gaga to create our work of art, our masterpieces for the world to enjoy. Your digital has to be a platform for this, to understand, support and encourage.
  14. 14. #2 We are in the age of behaviours - it’s beyond data and what data means. It’s more than just your credit card details. It’s how you react, respond and seek out what you love online. There are no more clear lines that simply delineate “personas” or ‘avatars’; we need to focus on the behaviours Your digital has to understand what your customer is telling you, and what they are not telling you.
  15. 15. #3 We are in the age of Human-ness. No longer can everything be automated for business. It simply does not work. Your digital has to understand, support and encourage a human-centric approach.
  16. 16. #4 We Are In The Age Of Reducing Friction. Anything that slows your audience down is something that they will avoid. It’s now, it’s instant. Your digital has to provide a clear pathway, a journey that has no obstacles.
  17. 17. #5 We are in the age of zero trust, and we’re not going to trust you until you give us a damn good reason. •>How do you protect my Privacy •>How do you create Permission based marketing & selling •>How do you Personalize the experience that you offer so it is unique? Your digital has to “step up” and provide what is expected, without conditions.
  18. 18. Tom Goodwin, Tech Crunch 2015 W hat’s REALLY IM PO RTANT?
  19. 19. Uber - knows the journey of their audience Netflix - knows the journey of their audience Airbnb - knows the journey of their audience Do you? What’s REALLY IMPORTANT?
  20. 20. In the Digital Age, journey matters now more than ever for GROWTH. If you have a strategy you can tell your true journey. You can GROW your business with a journey.
  21. 21. Where Is Your Digital Genius? Skills & Leadership in Social Awareness&Knowledge ofSocial Digital Genius Zone Clarity & Certainty – understanding of Social to GROW & SCALE within business Thought Leader or “Guru” Zone Good ideas, but little knowledge to grow/scale within business with Social Disrupted Zone Overwhelmed, confused, non-competitive (analysis paralysis Technician Zone Knows ‘social’ but can’t fully implement within business
  22. 22. @doylebuehler
  23. 23. 1. Unleash your digital genius 2. Create a remarkable journey worth remembering 3. Build a compelling strategy that delivers your unique value 4. It’s more than social media @doylebuehler The #Breakthrough Digital Strategy Framework Here’s Your Roadmap
  24. 24. *In business for 17+ years *Built multiple tech/ecomm startups *Expanded around the world *Top 40 Fastest Growing Company in Canada & #1 Fastest in the State *Agency work with Fortune 100 Co’s *Run a Global Strategic Digital Consultancy Get the book Strategy & Storytelling for the digital age. @doylebuehler
  25. 25. www.Leadership.Digital Take the #DigitalGenius Assessment & Get a Free Paperback Copy Of #Breakthrough & Links to Business Canvases
  26. 26. Doyle Buehler @doylebuehler doyle@dept.digital Please Reach Out & Introduce Yourself Online
  27. 27. Unleash Your Digital Genius @doylebuehler Doyle Buehler QUESTIONS?
  28. 28. @doylebuehler