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5 Mistakes Everyone (else) Makes WIth Their Website - Doyle Buehler 2014 10 28

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For some people, being online is a breeze. Nothing really to worry about; just open up your ecommerce shopping cart and within a few days, your paypal account will be full, so you can get that yellow Lamborghini that you have been admiring the last few days while planning your internet riches. And, if you are one of these 'people', then fantastic news! For the rest of us, however, we all know that it isn't as easy as we originally thought or were told.

It's a brutal landscape: your audience doesn't really know you exist at times, and your customers don't really care about you and your business. If you are not delivering your value with relevance and authority, then you might as well not exist online. How do you build that relevance to your audience? Well, it starts with one of the many aspects of a proper digital platform - your website.

In this webinar session, we will go through the Top 5 Mistakes that All Website Owners Make with their online business. Contrary to the TV adverts, it's not as easy as DIY website and the traffic will come. We'll explore some of the key elements that you need on the site, as well as how to really extract that value to impress your audience and make them into repeat customers. Whether your online business is about selling products, or about your defining service, we'll investigate what you can do differently to pull all these pieces together, to become the remarkable digital leader in your industry.

Speaker: Doyle Buehler

Doyle Buehler is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and online business strategist. From several successful start-ups and retail franchise businesses in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia, to helping other companies succeed with their ideas and strategies, he has spent over 14 years in the business world making things happen – both online and off. He is a Leading innovator in the online, ecommerce worlds, and at the intersections of entrepreneurship and digital innovation. His experience has been utilised in various global industries, including travel, insurance, pharmaceuticals, banking, investment, hospitality, finance, events and learning domains.

His newest book, "The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance and Misinformation Online", discusses the reality of the online industry, and what business leaders can do to get beyond the clutter, confusion and distraction of the online world, to become a true digital leader.

The Digital Delusion is about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders become less reliant on "guru's", and "experts", and getting rid of the bullsh*t online, by empowering and enabling them to become accountable (& awesome) online.

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5 Mistakes Everyone (else) Makes WIth Their Website - Doyle Buehler 2014 10 28

  1. 1. 5 Mistakes Everyone (Else) Makes With Their Website Doyle Buehler @doylebuehler
  2. 2. Welcome! • What we’ll cover • What’s The Problem Online? • Developing an understanding, a Strategy & Making It Work • Tools & Resources • Admin Stuff • Please type in your questions along the way • Audio/video check? • Screenshots? Yes! [Jing] • Slide deck on Slideshare http://bit.ly/
  3. 3. Hello, My Name is… Doyle Buehler •Business Entrepreneur since 2002 •MBA (2002, Leadership – Royal Roads University, Victoria Canada) •Multiple start-up businesses in the online ecommerce consumer market; fastest growing company in Canada; Canadian Innovation Award, multiple US patents. •Educator – teach Strategy, Business Planning & Entrepreneurship •Boutique Digital Media Agency for Entrepreneurs wanting to cut through the clutter •Considerable time working on the “inside” of Marketing Agencies, along with major Fortune 500 clients, putting the pieces together. •Judge for Australian Web Industry Association 2014; Presenter for the Australian Marketing Institute Congress 2014
  4. 4. )1 300 681 911 * doyle@TheDigitalDelusion.com  www.TheDigitalDelusion.com
  5. 5. Want To Win A Paperback Copy of my book on Digital Leadership, “The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance & Misinformation Online”? Tweet @doylebuehler #thedigitaldelusion #digitalleadership
  6. 6. How I spent $250,000+ on a website
  7. 7. Deadly Digital )1 300 681 911 * doyle@TheDigitalDelusion.com  www.TheDigitalDelusion.com
  8. 8. 3 Simple Things You Will Learn 1. The Knowledge • What Does It Mean? • How Does It Affect Your Business? • Case Studies/Samples 2. The Tools • Toolkit 3. The Process • How To Overcome It
  9. 9. What Are Your Goals Of This Webinar? 1 _______________________ 2 _______________________ 3 _______________________ Please share @doylebuehler #digitalleadership
  10. 10. What Questions Do You Need To Answer? 1 _______________________ 2 _______________________ 3 _______________________ Please share @doylebuehler #digitalleadership
  11. 11. What Are Your Online Challenges/Problems? 1 _______________________ 2 _______________________ 3 _______________________ Please share @doylebuehler #digitalleadership
  12. 12. The KNOWLEDGE 5 Mistakes Everyone (Else) Makes With Their Website
  13. 13. What’s Going ‘On’ Online? • Too many distractions • WIIFM • No strategy • No content • Working too hard • No time • No resources • No measurements • Too many competitors • Not open source • No analytics • Too confusing • Too much clutter • Spending too much Money • No results • No way to measure results • Not working hard enough • No experts • No traffic • No money • SEO stuff • Social media? The 3 Big ‘Ds’ Disillusioned Disenfranchised Distracted
  14. 14. N‘o Money N‘o Time • Are You committed: Time? – How Much Time • Are You committed: Money? – Only ‘smart’ money • Are You committed: Process? – What Systems do you have
  15. 15. The Mistakes The Missing 5 ‘Cs’ of Websites 1. No Connections • Where is your digital ecosystem? 2. No Content • Are you a do-er or a copy-er? 3. No Congruency • What is your brand about? 4. No Consistency • Where is your strategy? 5. No Conversions • What are you actually selling?
  16. 16. MISTAKE #1: No Connections Where Is Your Digital Ecosystem? • Audience? • Social Media? • Analytics? • Advertising? • Videos? • Visuals? • Content Channels? • SEO? • WEBSITE – Are you driving people BACK to your own online assets?
  17. 17. What Parts of Your Digital Ecosystem Are You Using? Are you able to use all of them effectively, simultaneously? Branding, Dashboard, Metrics & ROI, Analytics, Social Media, Mobile, Website, SEO, Sales, Sales Funnel, EDM, Gifts & Downloads, Paid Search Advertising, Video, Visuals & Images, Strategy Plan, Training, Content Creation…
  18. 18. How to Grow you Audience Connections • Reciprocity – SHARE LIKE COMMENT – As ‘your’ business & personal profile • Interest Followers & Leaders – Key People of Influence in Your Industry • Add YOUR content to the mix – Value? – WIIFM? • Be proactive & Outgoing – “ASK” to connect for personal pages – 5 Minutes/day
  19. 19. How Can You Create Connections? • Technical Side – Build out website keeping in mind all of the parts of your ecosystem, and how you can fit them together – Connect all channels, so people can access you from anywhere – Mobile/responsive – Connect all the tools – analytics, dashboards, measurements, goals • Expertise Side – Share your knowledge – Invite people – Become a digital leader
  20. 20. https://roadtrippers.com/
  21. 21. Mistake #2: No Content Are You A Do-er Or A Copy-er? • What channels are you using? • Are you moving your audience BACK to your website? • Who are your content partners? • Is it original? • What problem are you solving? • How often? When? Why? • NOT just a ‘blog’ or social media posts – think of yourself as a magazine magnate on your OWN website – Updated web content – Webinars – Ebooks – Seminars – Landing pages
  22. 22. The Content Equation. Are You A Leader or Follower?
  23. 23. Your CONTENT Drives Your Audience: How Can You Create Content • Deliver YOUR Original Content? – Not all sales – Your Business Value – WIIFM? “What’s In It For Me” – Is it relevant? • Define what channels are priority for your content • Connect your website to your content • Create your own digital leadership with your content
  24. 24. http://5secondfilms.com/
  25. 25. MISTAKE #3: No Congruency What Is Your Brand About? • What is your brand essence? What are you about? • Your visual brand? • Your video brand? • Your content brand? • Your website brand? • Your social media brand? • Is your brand congruent across your entire digital ecosystem? Does it mean the same thing, regardless of where your audience finds you? – Not just your logo.
  26. 26. How Can You Create Congruency? • Define your Branding in terms of your audience value • Utilise your web Platform that allows you to deliver your message with what your audience sees, hears, views, understands
  27. 27. http://www.mediabistro.com/
  28. 28. MISTAKE #4: No Consistency Where Is Your Digital Strategy? • What value are you delivering? • What are you best at? • Who is your customer? Who is your audience? • Are you appealing to ‘them’? • Are you relevant to them? • Are you delivering the same message?
  29. 29. What is A Core Digital Strategy? Note to self: Social Media is NOT a Strategy 
  30. 30. How Can You Create Consistency? • Design your strategy, or strategic architecture that is based on your inherent value • Answer the “WHY” – WHY would someone buy from you? – WHY should they care? • Build your web platform that reinforces this value • Utilise your digital ecosystem that delivers your strategy to directly to your audience
  31. 31. http://www.redbull.com/au/en
  32. 32. MISTAKE #5: No Conversions What are you actually selling? • Where is your conversion funnel? • NOT just for ecommerce sites, either • How are you getting leads? • Landing pages? • Audience/Buying Stages? • Gifts & Free Downloads • Part of your digital ecosystem? • About US – NOT about ‘me’ • Have you automated?
  33. 33. Are You Missing 67% of Your Market? The people that are perfect, ideal clients for you can be broken down into the following percentages: • 3% - “ACTIVELY” Shopping & Ready To Buy • 7% - “OPEN” to You • 30% - “AWARE” for the future • 30% - Currently “UNCONSCIOUS” of You • 30% - NEVER
  34. 34. Definition of a Leads/Sales Funnel “Just because they are not actively shopping, doesn’t mean they will never buy from you!”
  35. 35. How Can You Reach The 67% • Identify Your BUYERS Cycle (NOT Sales Cycle) • Identify their Key Milestones & stages • Educate your audience with “Gifts” & “Free Downloads” – Level 1: Checklist – Level 2: “How to” Selection – Level 3: Assessment or detailed guide
  36. 36. How Can You Create Conversions? INFLUENCE To ACTION • Move your “fans” to your own website, your own lists and own landings pages through your gifts and downloads, and of course, content • Not about “engagement” • About INFLUENCE • Start with ‘About’ (page)
  37. 37. Anatomy of an Unforgettable About Page
  38. 38. Infographic created by Jonathan Mead – Copyright Playbook
  39. 39. The Mistakes: Review The Missing 5 ‘Cs’ of Websites 1. No Connections • Where is your digital ecosystem? • Is it working FOR you? 2. No Content • Are you a do-er or a copy-er? • What story are you telling? 3. No Congruency • What is your brand about? • Are you delivering your company essence? 4. No Consistency • Where is your strategy? • How are you delivering your value? 5. No Conversions • What are you actually selling? • Are you moving your audience along their buying cycle?
  40. 40. The Process
  41. 41. What Is Digital Leadership? • Authority – Brand credibility • Influence – Brand “active” audience • Knowledge – Expertise in your industry/niche – Combining all the elements of digital media
  42. 42. Stages of Digital Leadership 1. Start-up 2. Awareness 3. Understanding 4. Leverage 5. Maximise Where Are You & Your Brand?
  43. 43. HOT Seat • Where is your business on the digital leadership scale? • Why? • What is happening? • How can you make it to the next stage?
  44. 44. 7 Simple Steps Free your mind Build your customer desire Engage your audience passion online 1. Create an overriding digital strategy 2. Develop a clear content plan and roadmap to communicate with your audience 3. Utilise specific social media tools and sharing to grow your community 4. Create stunning and cohesive branding through videos and visuals 5. Align your website to create congruency with all your channels and your assets 6. Implement an automated sales funnel that accounts for all stages of your customer’s buying process 7. Implement promotion & advertising to grow your audience beyond word of mouth; utilise analytics to maximise your sales funnel
  45. 45. Your Working Digital Blueprint 1. Digital Discovery 2. Content, Communication 3. Community, Social & Sharing 4. Visual Branding & Videos 5. Website alignment 6. Sales/lead funnels 7. Promotion, Advertising, Analytics
  46. 46. The Tools
  47. 47. What Tools Do You Need To Overcome The 5 Mistakes & Build Your Digital Ecosystem? • Social media is (just) a tool • Digital leadership is your brand strategy • It’s what you do with your tools that is more important • Understand the 5 BIG mistakes
  48. 48. The Best Tools • Social & sharing • Analytics • Keyword research • Competitor Analysis Be selective, be precise. What is your audience niche?
  49. 49. Content Tools To Implement • Hootsuite • Buffer
  50. 50. Tools To Inform • SocialBakers.com • Quantcast • Alexa • SEMrush
  51. 51. Tools to Measure • Klout • Google Analytics • Twittercounter.com • trendcounter.com
  52. 52. What other tools do you use? 1 _______________________ 2 _______________________ 3 _______________________ Please share @doylebuehler #digitalleadership
  53. 53. A Few Last Words • Consistently deliver your value across your entire digital ecosystem • Insights – Insights – Insights! • DON’T HARD SELL – INFLUENCE TO ACTION • Your industry influencers? WHO are they? • Your Schedule? WHAT is it? • Your Value & Your Content? HOW do you deliver it? • Your strategy? What is it? • Your ROI? WHERE is the Money? • EXPERIMENT & GET ACTIVE • LIKE & Share others – It’s not ALL about you!
  54. 54. Download the Free eBook NOW From www.thedigitaldelusion.com/2 )1 300 681 911 * doyle@TheDigitalDelusion.com  www.TheDigitalDelusion.com
  55. 55. FREE Prize Inside! Win A Paperback Copy of my book on Digital Leadership, “The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance & Misinformation Online” Tweet @doylebuehler #thedigitaldelusion #digitalleadership
  56. 56. What’s Next? • Let’s connect on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook – Just search ‘Doyle Buehler’ • Need any Tips? Please email me with ANY questions doyle@thedigitaldelusion.com • Call me 0413106880 Thank You For Attending!
  57. 57. THANK YOU! • Thank you for everyone who attended, who really wants to make a difference with their business online • Special Thanks to SEMRush for hosting this webinar!
  58. 58. Are You Ready to “Click To Save The World” • Main Site: www.thedigitaldelusion.com • Full Book Download Page (Free Digital PDF Copy): www.thedigitaldelusion.com/2 • LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/in/doylebuehler/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doyle.buehler • Twitter: @doylebuehler www.twitter.com/doylebuehler • email: doyle@thedigitaldelusion.com • Mobile +61 413 106 880
  59. 59. MISTAKE #2: No Content Are you a do-er or a copy-er? • What’s Your Content Plan?