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Inbound Marketing for Real Estate

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Inbound marketing is helping Real Estate companies to market their inventory effectively.

Real Estate Companies are sidelining traditional marketing that need aggressive budgets to maintain broadcast marketing messages. The real estate industry is transforming from finding the right customers to attracting the right customers to find them.
Building trust via educational and thought-leadership content, transparency and automation to nurture leads results in sales ready clients. Check our presentation on Inbound Marketing for Real Estate here.

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Inbound Marketing for Real Estate

  1. 1. www.omnepresent.com Inbound Marketing For Real Estate
  2. 2. www.omnepresent.com ● Inbound marketing is a done through eBooks, Videos, Blogs, SEO, Newsletters, Whitepapers, and much more! ● Instead of advertisements, content-rich websites tend to drive more traffic ● Real Estate buyers prefer brands which enlighten them instead of those who focus only on selling ● Blogs are significant to get valuable inbound links Inbound Marketing
  3. 3. www.omnepresent.com Why Inbound Marketing acts as an Essential for Real Estate? ● Through Inbound marketing tools, real estate companies have higher accessibility ● Prospects are directed to your site through search engines and social media, therefore performing a proper SEO and content structuring is essential
  4. 4. www.omnepresent.com Publishing
  5. 5. www.omnepresent.com ● Writing posts in your blog should be message and content focused ● Make sure that the blog keeps you as the local expert in your targeted area ● Clients will trust you if your blogs are relevant ● Helps drive more traffic towards your website Blogging
  6. 6. www.omnepresent.com Emails ● Most of the people unintentionally sign up to spam mail ● Users ignore the spam mail ● The basic method to write email is to provide content-rich and tailored emails which fit users’ needs ● Consistent mails are recommended
  7. 7. www.omnepresent.com eBooks ● eBooks usage is ever growing ● eBooks can be easily integrated into landing pages ● eBooks helps in branding ● eBooks provide information through graphics ● Keep the information well formatted by numbering the content
  8. 8. www.omnepresent.com Webinars and Videos • Audio visual mediums work wonders in terms of conveying the message • Webinars and Videos are great tools for generating inbound leads • While webinars help in capturing live audience, videos help in ensuring your hard work put during executing a webinar is converted into a permanent video • Later, these videos can be promoted using sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. • These video embed codes can be used on your own website to increase the average duration of visitors
  9. 9. www.omnepresent.com Promote
  10. 10. www.omnepresent.com ● Social media is your #1 salesman ● Information gets shared with hundreds of thousand of users ● If you are not making use of social media you might be missing out on clients ● Social Media is the perfect way of identifying customer behaviour pattern ● 74% users rely on social media which affects their purchasing decision Social Media
  11. 11. www.omnepresent.com Capture
  12. 12. www.omnepresent.com ● Landing page is the main page of your website to capture qualified leads ● It is used to accomplish the information through lead capture form ● The aim of landing page is to bring or generate new and potential buyers ● Landing pages provide you with a great way of extracting user details ● By getting the contact information you can build relationships with fresh leads Landing Pages
  13. 13. www.omnepresent.com Elements of Good Landing Pages ● Information: Give the information which is useful for client and why your choice is best? ● Offer: You may need to give various offers so users are attracted ● Form: Use relevant and precise forms ● CTA: Effective Call-To-Action buttons helps convert traffic to leads, hence make them clear and clickable
  14. 14. www.omnepresent.com Nurture
  15. 15. www.omnepresent.com Fast Follow-Up ● Lead conversion is 21 times more likely if customer is contacted within 5 minutes ● Speed is essential for conversion in any industry ● There should be proper way for messaging ● Just because if once customer has no interest to buy at the current situation you must not ignore the future aspect of that lead
  16. 16. www.omnepresent.com Consistency and Message ● Customize your messages ● Don’t give up on cold-leads as they might become potential buyers in the future ● Monthly newsletters plays an important role in keeping touch of your clients
  17. 17. www.omnepresent.com Closure
  18. 18. www.omnepresent.com Share Success Stories ● Customers like to check reviews and success stories before investing ● Helps in enhancing customer relationships ● Indirectly helps generating more traffic
  19. 19. www.omnepresent.com Testimonials ● Real testimonials affect the customers probability of buying or selling ● The feedback from the clients happen only when… ○ Ask the relevant questions ○ Ask for a online reviews
  20. 20. www.omnepresent.com Analytics
  21. 21. www.omnepresent.com Perform a thorough Analysis ● Analytics is very important part in SEO ● Analytics provide monitoring tools which can improve your site ranking based on what actions you take next
  22. 22. www.omnepresent.com Generate Reports ● Reports play an important role in modifying key areas of your site ● For example: ○ Your worst performing pages ○ Leads ○ Branding growth ○ Overall site traffic
  23. 23. www.omnepresent.com OmnePresent Services
  24. 24. www.omnepresent.com
  25. 25. www.omnepresent.com Contact Us info@omnepresent.com www.omnepresent.com