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Whitbread vs coffee nation

Powerpoint on the merge of Whitbread and Coffee Nation

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Whitbread vs coffee nation

  1. 1. Whitbread™ vs Coffee Nation®
  2. 2. Whitbread™ • Britain’s biggest hotel & coffee shop operator. • Two main brands – Premier Inn & Costa. • CEO Andy Harrison set an ambitious 5 year expansion plan, hoping to expand/merge into new markets. • Aim is to expand Premier Inn and hoping to near double the 1871 costa stores.
  3. 3. Coffee Nation® • Founded in 1998. • An investment of £300,000 to set up chain of self-service coffee-to-go stations in supermarkets, service stations and airports. • Coffee Nation is now the UK market leader, supplying over 850 organisations across the private/public sector.
  4. 4. Motives + Links • In 2011 Whitbread announced that sales for the Premier Inn & Costa Coffee had fallen. • Whitbread™ made the investment of £60 million to takeover the business as sales were becoming weak. • Both firms have the objectives of growth/expansion and Whitbread™ buying them suits both companies. • Start of 2011 Whitbread™ were doing fine with Premier Inn going up from a 4 to a 5 star hotel and Costas ‘flat white’ being regarded as an affordable luxury . • Purchase allowed them to expand Costas brand i.e. the costa to go machines at service stations – helping the aim of doubling the number of Costa stores. – Aimed to change all Coffee Nations 900 coffee to go stops to Costa ones. – Plan to expand Costa Express machines to 3000 locations. – 2012/13, a deal with Shell made it possible for 1368 costa express units to be put in place.
  5. 5. Factors Influencing Success Of Takeover • Both firms looking to grow – Takeover will allow this to happen • Both firms are in similar market. Allowed Coffee Nation® to be taken over by Costa which is the coffee shop market leader and fastest growing coffee store.
  6. 6. Impact/Reactions Of Stakeholders • Consumer – Positive reaction, the takeover has made it possible for consumers to get Costa Coffee at service stations etc. • Suppliers – Because they are in similar markets it will be easier for the supplier to supply both businesses. • Workers – could have a negative impact as Coffee Nation® specialise in coffee-to-go which do not require any staff to monitor them.
  7. 7. Impact On Performance • Share price has been steadily increasing since the takeover in 2012, before that the share price was quite low. • Done well for Costa as their brand name is getting out. • Increase in revenue for both businesses and a major increase in sales.
  8. 8. Would There Be Any Reason The Government Would Step In About This Takeover? NO
  9. 9. Sources • http://www.theguardian.com/business/2011/ mar/02/whitbread-fooddrinks • http://www.coffeenation.com/uncategorized/ coffee-nation-acquired-by-whitbread-as- growth-of-coffee-on-the-go-continues/
  10. 10. BYE GUYS!