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Digipak analysis

This is a research document on all the different kind of digipaks. I did this to give me a rough idea on what to do for my digipak when I was in the planning stage of making one. These different albums helped me out especially as they are under the same genre as the one I am producing so it was good for me to go off digipaks that are in the same genre.

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Digipak analysis

  1. 1. Digipak Analysis Oliver Shepherd
  2. 2. 30 Seconds To Mars – Love Lust Faith & Dreams There are no images on this digipak so just on first glance you would not be able to tell what band produced this album. The artwork is very artsy as its uses one of Hirst’s spot paintings, this shows the originality of the band and how different they are to others. The text on the cover is a clear to read, blue font; on the white background thus makes it easy to read and look like it is part of the painting. The name of the album are all words of passion which reflects on the band and their music as the band are very passionate about what they produce. This digipak is different to others by this band or by anyone as the song titles are on the inside case rather than on the back. The inside cover and CD both continue the house style of the cover as it stays in the same colour scheme. The CD is in all the different shades that are on the cover, this is so it stands out from other discs produced by the band. The back of the album is just a plain white back but with the band logo. Within the band logo it has the spot painting so it carries on with the theme of the album.
  3. 3. Biffy Clyro – Only Revolutions The artwork for this album is very original as for an image that looks quite plain, a lot is going on, for example, there is a burning building in the background. This represents the band as it is very simplistic yet very effective. The mise én scene of this album cover is two characters stood in a field, one male and one female. The female is wearing red and has a big red flag coming from her and the male is in blue with a blue flag coming from him, the colours are very contrasting and partner together on disc of the album. The track list features on both the disk and the back of the case which is different to most CDs as they only the back or, like the previous digipak, on the inside. The artwork on the back of the box carries on with the image on the front however there is now a green flag which is the dominant colour in the whole of the house style.
  4. 4. Mumford & Sons – Babel The band Mumford & Sons are under the genre of indie rock and folk, this album Babel is more of a folk album; this is represented in this digipak as it shows the band members in quite stereotypical folk clothes sat in a town square that seems to be having a fair/festival. The band members are the only people in focus on the cover, this is because they are the most important object in the shot but also so the cover is recognisable by their fans. The inside of the digipak features the bands logo on the back of the booklet as well as being on the CD. The image behind the CV is the setting of the main artwork but with no one there so it is like you are taking them all out when you remove the disk. The back of the digipak is a different image completely and looks like it was taken on the inside of one of the buildings in the main image. This ties in with the genre as it is quite a rural area which is associated with the folk genre.
  5. 5. Muse – The 2nd Law The album artwork for this album is very different as there is only one singular feature too it. All of the album artwork Muse produce are all very artsy and this one is one that stands out the most. The use of different colours really helps it to stand out on the shelf and the theme of multicolour is featured throughout the whole digipak. The inside cover folds out into 3 as the CD comes with a DVD on the making of the album. Not many bands do this so it is seen as an incentive to buy the album as it gives the fan a behind the scenes look on how they made the album. The back of the digipak has the song list written out in the colours of the main image, this is to carry on the house style throughout the whole album. The rest of the cover is black which is featured heavily in the whole of the digipak yet is not taken into account because of the main image.
  6. 6. The XX – Coexist The genre of The XX is indie so the artwork for this digipak is quite basic, original and different which reflects the band, however, it does help the digipak stand out a lot. No text is needed on the front and a band name of The XX is not really needed when the band logo is the main feature to the album. The other XX album is the same but with a black background and white cross so it is like they are sticking to house style. The inside is not much different, however, the colour for the cross on the front is not actually printed on, it is actually the lyric book on the inside. The back of the digipak is a plain white background with the song list written out very small and put to the side of the case so it looks as simple as possible. This may not look like much, however, it is very effective and is very eye appealing and likely to been picked out off the shelf among all the other CDs.