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Group 2 - Pitch

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Group 2 - Pitch

  3. 3. Characters
  4. 4. Location - Our film opening will all be shot at one main location: Westerham woods - The first part of the video will be shot around the woodland, on paths and in the trees. - There is a derelict Victorian castle-style building in the middle of the woods - The second part of the opening will be shot inside - With the dense woodland and derelict settings, we hope to create a sense of immense isolation and loneliness, suggesting that civilisation is nowhere near and salvation is unlikely - It will hopefully be easier create natural looking (but exaggerated) moonlight, without the interruption of artificial light from street lights etc. in the woods.
  5. 5. Research into production - We liked the woodland setting at Wilderness woods and so focussed more on paranormal, using a remote location to create the sense of vulnerability and fear - Films we got inspiration from: Cabin in the Woods, Friday the 13th, Scream, The Shining, Halloween - From the film Halloween, we got the idea of masks, to promote the fear of the unknown
  6. 6. Camera - We plan to use the jib, as we did in our Wilderness Woods production in order to start with a high camera angle and end with a low camera angle - The jib helps to show the consistency of the environment, as the audience will understand the importance of the character and how the location is linked to the story. This will be shown from starting the production with a high camera angle
  7. 7. Camera 2 - We plan to use the track and dolly in our production as it made our Wilderness woods footage look more professional - Tracking is used in horror to show the whole layout of the scene - We plan to use the track and dolly in our production to forward track the antagonist as he walks through the woods - We did this in our Wilderness woods production and it helped to show the effect of vulnerability
  8. 8. Editing - We will include sudden cuts to a black screen in-between shots to create tension - Two separate narratives, using fades to indicate a change of time periods
  9. 9. Sound - Ambient, pre-recorded sounds from a woodland WILDTRACK mixed woodland https://freesound.org/search/?q=woodland
  10. 10. Mise-en-scene Props: - Small candles - Kitchen knife - Homemade mask Costume: - Casual clothes for protagonist - Black hoodie and black jeans so only mask can be seen in the darkness 11
  11. 11. Title sequence - We will do simple titles in the corners of the screen - The titles will just pop up in the corner making it look professional - Order of titles: - Director, producer, screenplay, edited by, actors, film title
  12. 12. Challenges - Our main concern is the time of day - Filming at around 4:30 will help us to capture the sunset as we realise it goes dark very quickly - We may have to go back to our location numerous times to potentially re-capture shots we aren't happy with, this will have to be at specific times during the day so that we capture the same effect as with our footage 13