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ForgetIT Project TYPO3Camp Milano 2014

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ForgetIT – Some store to remember, some store to forget

With growing storage capacities and sinking storage prices, the paradigm of keeping everything is prevailing. However, keeping information accessible, useable and useful goes far beyond purely keeping things, especially in the long run, and entails expenses much larger than just the storage costs. This issue especially applies to content in Content Management Systems where we increasingly face the situation of creating, managing and storing (preserving) multimedia content, which we might never access again due to the pure volume of content.

To overcome these issues, we envision the concept of flexible managed forgetting for information that progressively ceases in importance and finally becomes obsolete as well as for redundant information. We will extend TYPO3 with preservation and forgetting. The forgetting will also reduce the user’s cognitive burden for past activities and information in TYPO3 but still allows access if needed. The same as our brain will retrieve details of our past when remembering and getting associations, the approach will provide such means.

Within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) of the European Union the "ForgetIT" project strives to build a solution for the mentioned problems. The project has a scope of 3 years and TYPO3 has been selected as CMS to build upon as it is Open Source Software and has an open and active community.

An overview of the project can be found on the projects website (of course made with TYPO3): http://www.forgetit-project.eu/

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ForgetIT Project TYPO3Camp Milano 2014

  1. 1. http://www.forgetit-project.eu
  2. 2. Some store to remember, some store to forget
  3. 3. Olivier Dobberkau CEO of dkd Internet Service GmbH Frankfurt, Germany About me
  4. 4. What this is all about The problem
  5. 5. Storage capacity is ever increasing Prices for storage are falling
  6. 6. How large is large?
  7. 7. Size references A simple text: an average Wikipedia article ≈ 3.78 kB (no markup) Lots of text: complete Wikipedia ≈ 13.5 GB (text only, no markup) An average image (12MP) ≈ 1.3 MB (JPG 90% quality; 24bit/pixel) An average movie stored on Blu-ray Disc ≈ 25.48 GB
  8. 8. 1955 – The IBM 355 Capacity: 12 MB Cost: 6,233.33 USD/MB 3,250 90 ✘ 0 ✘ 0.16 kB
  9. 9. 1970 – The IBM 3330 Capacity: 100 MB Cost: 259.70 USD/MB 3.94 kB27,089 76 0 ✘ 0 ✘
  10. 10. 1988 – Seagate ST-238 Capacity: 30 MB Cost: 9.97 USD/MB 102.71 kB8,126 23 0 ✘ 0 ✘
  11. 11. 2000 – Western Digital WD600AB Capacity: 60 GB Cost: 0.00275 USD/MB 16,644,063 4 47,261 2 363.64 MB
  12. 12. 2010 – Seagate ST32000542AS Capacity: 2 TB Cost: 0.0000450 USD/MB ≈ 5 cent/GB 541,798,941 148 1,538,461 76 21.7 GB
  13. 13. 2013 – NSA Capacity: ∞ Cost: free ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ it’s free :) ✘
  14. 14. Let’s store everything, then! Cool!
  15. 15. Or, maybe not... There’s a lot more costs Retrieval Maintenance Indexing Updates
  16. 16. We need to keep our information Accessible Usable Useful
  17. 17. The concept of Memory Buoyancy Let’s start to forget!
  18. 18. Memory Buoyancy time memory
  19. 19. Memory Buoyancy
  20. 20. Memory Buoyancy
  21. 21. A short overview The ForgetIT Project
  22. 22. ForgetIT project overview Consortium of 11 partners Project start was in February 2013 3 years of research & development http://www.forgetit-project.eu The ForgetIT project is funded by the EC within the 7th Framework Programme under the objective "Digital Preservation" (GA 600826).
  23. 23. Project Partners 1/2 Centre for Research and Technology Hellas dkd Internet Service GmbH Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH Eurix Srl Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
  24. 24. Project Partners 2/2 IBM Israel - Science and Technology Ltd Luleå Tekniska Universitet The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford The University of Edinburgh The University of Sheffield Turk Telekomunikasyon AS
  25. 25. Inspiring people to share! TYPO3 is the CMS used for the organisational use cases TYPO3 was chosen because it’s Open Source We want to raise awareness on the matter of preservation We will publish our modules under open source licenses
  26. 26. ForgetIT core concepts
  27. 27. Managed Forgetting
  28. 28. Synergetic Preservation
  29. 29. Contextualised Remembering
  30. 30. “meta-data is a love note to the future” (Jason Scott) Do you preserve?
  31. 31. What is preservation? “Preservation — The protection of cultural property through activities that minimize chemical and physical deterioration and damage and that prevent loss of informational content. The primary goal of preservation is to prolong the existence of cultural property.” Preservation 101
  32. 32. Problems are caused by storage medium (disks, tapes, DVD, etc.) format of the data availability of the software or operating system possible encryption
  33. 33. “The digital dark age is a possible future situation where it will be difficult or impossible to read historical electronic documents and multimedia, because they have been stored in an obsolete and obscure file format.” Wikipedia Digital Dark Age
  34. 34. Preserving a website is not trivial What do want you preserve? Content only? Content and Design? How often? Stock prices vs. Company History page How do you deal with browser differences? How do you preserve functionality? E.g. insurance fee calculator
  35. 35. Preservation Value ~ 5,000 €~ 200,000 €
  36. 36. Private Organisational The ForgetIT Use Cases
  37. 37. A personal use case: How to organise an ever growing picture collection Personal Preservation
  38. 38. Typical use cases in the daily work with TYPO3-driven company websites. Organisational Preservation
  39. 39. Organisational Use Cases Digital Asset Management Versioning Archiving a complete Website Individual genres and their specific requirements Example: Press Release
  40. 40. An organisational use case Press Release Example
  41. 41. Elements of a Press Release text image links documents
  42. 42. Meta information Presseinformationen Spielwarenmesse Global Toy Conference Now on Saturday at the Spielwarenmesse * Customised programme for retailers: “How to get your customer into the shop” * Conference will take place for the 5th time in Nuremberg on 1 February 2014 All around the world, retailers are wondering how they can still get their customers in their shops in the age of the Internet – because competition for the sale of consumer goods online is growing dramatically. With the topic “How to Get Customers into Your Shop – Successful Pricing, Presentation and Selling” the Global Toy Conference of the Spielwarenmesse demonstrates what parameters business owners can adjust for the future. The conference will take place for the first time in the St Petersburg hall in the NCC East on Saturday. The new earlier date means that more international retailers can take advantage of the knowledge on offer at the toy industry's leading trade fair – from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 1 February 2014. ...
  43. 43. Translations German English
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Levels of significance archive value Action: keep forever legal value Action: keep for legal time Archive present value Action: Keep for x days trigger value Action: Check significance KeepDelete
  46. 46. media meta info
  47. 47. media meta info
  48. 48. Content Management Systemmedia meta info copy move refer
  49. 49. media meta info media asset meta info media asset meta info etc. meta info editable content meta info structure (code, users, plugins, extensions, etc.) meta info external Digital Asset (DAM) internal
  50. 50. Archive 1 Info Level 2 Info Level 3 media meta info media asset meta info media asset meta info etc. meta info editable content meta info structure (code, users, plugins, extensions, etc. meta info Info Level 1 (semi)automatic static dynamic Info Level 4, etc. Output Archive 2 Delete
  51. 51. Archive 1 Info Level 2 Info Level 3 media meta info media asset meta info media asset meta info etc. meta info editable content meta info structure (code, users, plugins, extensions, etc. meta info Info Level 1 (semi)automatic static dynamic Info Level 4, etc. Output Archive 2 Delete
  52. 52. Archive 1 Archive 2 Delete L2 L1 L3 L4 L2 L1 L3 L4 T-CM (Todays Content Management) F-CM (Future Content Management) Retrieve Service
  53. 53. Information Lifecycle Collect Create Process Publish Analyse Archive
  54. 54. Collect
  55. 55. Create
  56. 56. Process
  57. 57. Publish
  58. 58. Analyse
  59. 59. Archive
  60. 60. Information Lifecycle Collect Create Process Publish Analyse ArchiveProcess Annotations
  61. 61. Example Press Release Annotation (text) Annotation (image) global toy conference, conference, podium, speaker, lights
  62. 62. A game about forgetting. Do you remember?
  63. 63. or how you can participate Next steps
  64. 64. We’d love to see you participate! Reflect your thoughts with us Take our short survey: http://tinyurl.com/forgetit-webarchiving Tell us your use cases Join the development of TYPO3 features
  65. 65. Thank you for your attention!
  66. 66. Sources, Books, Images References
  67. 67. References (Sources) 1/2 Size of Wikipedia (as of 2013-10-04): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Wikipedia:Size_comparisons Average JPG size: http://web.forret.com/tools/megapixel.asp? title=12+Megapixel+camera&width=4000&height=3000 Average movie size: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index? qid=20110807095141AABGQm8 Storage Prices: http://www.jcmit.com/diskprice.htm
  68. 68. References (Sources) 2/2 Forget IT Website: http://www.forgetit-project.eu Preservation: http://unfacilitated.preservation101.org/session1/ expl_whatis-definitions.asp Digital Dark Age: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_dark_age
  69. 69. References (Books) Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age, Viktor Mayer- Schönberger
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