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Bouncing Back After Tragedy by Rogers

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Tragedy happens to all of us at some point in our lives. It’s just a fact of life. From divorce to the death of a loved one, we will all experience emotionally painful things in our lives. In many circumstances tragedy can derail us in our professional lives and send us into a spiraling, out-of-control, negative state that is sometimes difficult to recover from. By understanding a few coping strategies and how to employ them within the framework of our busy professional lives, we can put tragedy in perspective and even create our own “personal tragedy crusade.” What I mean by this is the “positive” we intend to practice in the world to, in a sense, use our own tragedies to better the lives of others. What I have learned about how to prevent tragedy from destroying your career I learned the hard way. My goal is to share my painful story and offer some practical advice on how to deal with tragedies that may arise in your own life. The central take home message that I think it’s crucial to state is that your career can wait until you heal. Your projects, your lectures, your commitments…they can all wait. People who love and support you will understand that you need time to be with friends and family. In fact, I will go a step further and say that you should dump all of your commitments. Get out of lectures, pull out of committees, and cancel travel. Free yourself to allow healing. Believe me, learn from my mistakes. People who love and care about you will understand, and that is what matters. By sharing the story of my mother, I hope in some small way I can help others start the healing process and prioritise when tragedy befalls them.

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Bouncing Back After Tragedy by Rogers

  1. 1. tragedies • trauma video
  2. 2. Life is Tragic
  3. 3. 2005
  4. 4. beach
  5. 5. wife and kids
  6. 6. wife and kids
  7. 7. Mike Winters
  8. 8. 3am phone call
  9. 9. Altered Bradycardic Confused Pacemaker ICU
  10. 10. case description
  11. 11. Driving to Tennessee
  12. 12. in the ICU
  13. 13. csf pus
  14. 14. Hospital CourseHospital Course
  15. 15. Today
  16. 16. What I Remember
  17. 17. What I Went Through • pic of train derailment The Derailment
  18. 18. I Hated Patients!
  19. 19. Project Stumbling
  20. 20. Bitter Bitter
  21. 21. Effect on Patient Care?
  22. 22. Empathy Exhaustion
  23. 23. G r i e f
  24. 24. • pic
  25. 25. Mistakes I Made
  26. 26. Friends
  27. 27. end of life care
  28. 28. Dissociated
  29. 29. Allow the Process to Complete
  30. 30. Advice
  31. 31. Healing Healing
  32. 32. Crusade for the Cause
  33. 33. Plan for the Future
  34. 34. Take time off
  35. 35. Dump your projects
  36. 36. Ten Resilience Factors Fostering optimism Facing fearMoral compass Religion & Spirituality Attracting and giving social support Imitating resilient role models Physical Training Mental & Emotional Training Enhancing cognitive and emotional flexibility Finding meaning, purpose, and growth Finding meaning, purpose, and growth