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Multilingual Delivery of Online Tests in Mathematics

Online Educa Berlin, 1 November 2006

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Multilingual Delivery of Online Tests in Mathematics

  1. 1. ~'»! e94LT Multilingual Delivery of Online Tests in Ivrathematics Olga Caprotti Mika Seppéiléi Depanment of Mathematics and _S(atlstics University of Helsinki 5 This work is sponsored by EDC-22253-WEBALT ; _ 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin
  2. 2. "". ’e9 lLT Vision in the Spirit of Jules Verne Students learn by looking/ listening to ascreen V Professor oversees the -~ _ G instruction, graduate student propels the machine. Online Educa Berlin 30 November 2006
  3. 3. . ~': 'e9ALT The future today lZlStudents may take online quiz, anywhere, anytime lZlAnswers are automatically graded and recorded lZlFeedback is personalized lZlLectures are also available online Content for online delivery is expensive: It combines expertise in several areas like web technologies, user interfaces, education, subject area. 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin
  4. 4. ~. -'-. ve9;LT Reusable Online Math Content Mathematical exercises are naturally reusable by changing the parameters of the problem Reusable content is many times over more valuable translate content for use across border 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin
  5. 5. westLT WebALT-EDC-22253 Web Advanced Learning Technologies Consortium — University of Helsinki, — University of Cologne, — Eindhoven Technical University, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, — Maths4More, Barcelona — EPFL Lausanne (own funding) Two—years project started on January 1, 2005. The total cost of the project is estimated to be 2.5 millions Euros. WebALT solutions will be commercially developed and marketed by 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin
  6. 6. WebALT WebALT Multilingual Exercises Combine web technologies : — for representing mathematical exercises — natural language generation to create a collection of interactive online tests in a variety of languages, incl. English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian. 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin
  7. 7. W ebALT Demo course in. , . . couiscslrudim: Mr-dm Demo lExi~n'_lml Tr. .. . ..- i 30 November 2006 . .'-D, '—. A i Multilingual Player V: uarc caged n : i: . ::« '. :-J: .—i lE- ' ‘i. -ii aw. as) In lll"l. E- Ilello user L--sson Status: inc " "-l>: t-- liriuiriiplv-L. ,m~uiis iuu . ‘iuiw ullviviulv-(I Hi“ I‘lr‘! l’§>l‘ but did not ~; ubmu the re-sat. ) Yc-L‘. :i~. -‘ed 7C s: ore to pass ll1.s ‘—. 'xerc_se-_ 4» am; Eng ish ¢Oue' G Caldaii Fmndi Ila iari I sDFI| '1lJl§ Lo comtin dlvisorde X7‘ 1 y X7 +2 t X +1 ? Til-jiurrrvieuli. Hyperbulit Ouiei L04 5"‘ {Mine s, “,¢5'- . -!. 'ial‘)ls Stu v-I — - I’ W. Online Educa Berlin We b LLT
  8. 8. We WebALT Multilingual Editor cum mi. M. rtw v i lrrsevtrri-Jth jig DL‘. ":'. l'O‘ mt. -c-. v cum ‘ ‘'1’? '—'»l Nqebre N-ielrsv. Set: ‘rigor-iorruehic Nypevboi: Cther Log: Paeoeuse . ‘, | l ye: “IQ; ll_‘I 5 low [1 1, I'll i prove that | a+b| is less man or equal to [a]+lbl , | , Venfica Que l. ~3+b| es menor que o igual a 1al+ lbl 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin b *lLT
  9. 9. is-. ve9;LT Web/ - _T iviap| eTA Exercises Online Practice Question Bank Editor TOgi(S in this Duestion Bank 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin
  10. 10. WebALT WebALT Modules for eLearning Online courses in Mathematics need specially designed materials Offline on CD — 10 Minute Talks — Solved Problems — Unsolved Problems — WIRIS Laboratories Online Services — MapleTA Test Suites — Maplets 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin
  11. 11. . ~'-. 'e9ALT Conclusion - Infrastructure is now ready for the industrialization of instruction - Software, services and content offered by WebALT make this process possible - Linguistic enhancements multiply the value of the content many times over http: //www. weba| t.com 30 November 2006 Online Educa Berlin