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THE SOCIAL GAMESUndoubtedly the most MBLM FLTR Olympics

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THE SOCIAL GAMESUndoubtedly the most dramatic change in how the London Olympicswere experienced was due to social media. The immediacy of the channelprovided a direct and intimate connection to the athletes and createda forum for fans around the world to engage with the Games in massiveand profound ways.ConclusionsThe Olympics demonstrated— Limiting or restricting access Balancing increasing access toat a scale never seen before— to brands that were not offical content with managing morethe volume, importance and sponsors runs counter to restrictive trademark rights andvalue generated by social media the wave of social innovation permissions will emerge as afor brands, athletes, events and witnessed during the Games, key ongoing challenge for futuresponsors. yet brands that were not official Olympics. sponsors managed to find smart ways to make their mark.6 5 5

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