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Catch any of the Olympics MBLM FLTR Olympics

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Catch any of the Olympics this summer?Miss the commentary on the coverage?Scan the social media platforms for trends and insights?The team at MBLM didn’t attend the Olympics, but we did track, watch, read andstudy the multitude of broadcasts, streams, posts and tweets with intrigue andinterest. This document outlines MBLM’s “FLTR” of the Olympics, and why we believethe Games of the XXX Olympiad contain a treasure trove of marketing insights onwhich brands in many categories can capitalize.FLTR Olympics is the first of our monthly FLTR reports, which will represent our filter,or take, on what’s important, particularly as it relates to how brands and technologyconnect with people.“Faster, Higher, Stronger”—the Olympic motto—could very well encapsulate the insightswe gained from what became the largest brand and technology spectacle to date. 2

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