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THE ENABLED GAMESFor those watching MBLM FLTR Olympics

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THE ENABLED GAMESFor those watching the Olympics, technology facilitated the delivery of acompletely heightened experience. Broadcasters simultaneously streamedevents across multiple devices through multiple platforms, enablingmultiscreen viewing and more program customization than ever before.Today, technology is an essential force in every athlete’s life. Both beforeand during the Olympics it is a required ingredient in fueling, shapingand evaluating performance. Technology plays a pivotal role in howathletes are trained, the gear they use, how they are measured andeverything they consume.ConclusionsThe combination of science Technology enabled Oscar With ever more accurateand technology enhanced Pistorius to capture our results, there is less potentialperformances to an hearts and minds and to for human error.unprecedented degree, serve as an inspiration.which could widen the Oscar embraced technologyperformance gap between to help him overcome theathletes in first and third- seemingly impossible toworld countries. achieve the unimaginable. 11

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