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THE ENABLED GAMES BIGGER OLYMPIC HD SCREEN 33.1 MILLION PIXELS 23 BIG 634,000 LEDs transform the Olympic venue into the STANDARD HD SCREEN World’s Largest TV Screen 22 1.3 MILLION PIXELSFASTERRace timers now accurate to0.00001 sec. 20 FAST Nike Pro TurboSpeed uniforms are 0.023 seconds faster over 100 meters than are 21 previous track uniforms.OTHER FACTSDuring the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, OMEGA The Twinscam camera from Japanese broadcasting NBC reported that viewers of the London Olympicsused only 30 stopwatches. For the 2012 Games, the company NHK combines images from its two lenses— streamed a total of 20.4 million hours of video,company used more than 40 tons of equipment, 450 one above and one below the water—to create a single shot. and 30 percent of the total streams were viewedprofessional timekeepers and 800 trained volunteers to The result is an unbroken, undistorted view of swimmers.25 via mobile applications. 26keep time. OMEGA also used 320 sport-specific scoreboards 10and 180 kilometers of cable and optical fiber. 24

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