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MBLM FLTR Olympics

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Did you catch any of the Games? Check out the commentary of the coverage? Check in with social media sites for popular sentiment and trends? MBLM spent the past few weeks watching, downloading, harvesting, tweeting, liking, linking, dissecting and debating all things related to the Games.

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MBLM FLTR Olympics

  2. Catch any of the Olympics this summer?Miss the commentary on the coverage?Scan the social media platforms for trends and insights?The team at MBLM didn’t attend the Olympics, but we did track, watch, read andstudy the multitude of broadcasts, streams, posts and tweets with intrigue andinterest. This document outlines MBLM’s “FLTR” of the Olympics, and why we believethe Games of the XXX Olympiad contain a treasure trove of marketing insights onwhich brands in many categories can capitalize.FLTR Olympics is the first of our monthly FLTR reports, which will represent our filter,or take, on what’s important, particularly as it relates to how brands and technologyconnect with people.“Faster, Higher, Stronger”—the Olympic motto—could very well encapsulate the insightswe gained from what became the largest brand and technology spectacle to date. 2
  4. THE SOCIAL GAMES 306 BILLION Pieces of Information SHARED 1 OVER THE 17 days OF THE OLYMPICS = 208,333 SHARES PER SECOND EQUIVALENT TO EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD SHARING 45 timesOTHER FACTSWhile the Games were more inclusive than Restricting brands that were not official Angry fans protested the delay of games Michael Phelps, one of the most prominentever, the International Olympic Committee sponsors soured the athletes and resulted and lack of live content by NBC by athletes of the Games, generated the most(IOC) became increasingly restrictive, in their protesting through social channels complaining through social media. However, online traffic and shares at 3 million itemspolicing the usage of their trademarks to their followers.3 the protests did not impact NBC’s ratings, per day.5 4throughout the UK.2 which were their highest ever.4
  5. THE SOCIAL GAMESUndoubtedly the most dramatic change in how the London Olympicswere experienced was due to social media. The immediacy of the channelprovided a direct and intimate connection to the athletes and createda forum for fans around the world to engage with the Games in massiveand profound ways.ConclusionsThe Olympics demonstrated— Limiting or restricting access Balancing increasing access toat a scale never seen before— to brands that were not offical content with managing morethe volume, importance and sponsors runs counter to restrictive trademark rights andvalue generated by social media the wave of social innovation permissions will emerge as afor brands, athletes, events and witnessed during the Games, key ongoing challenge for futuresponsors. yet brands that were not official Olympics. sponsors managed to find smart ways to make their mark.6 5 5
  6. THE MOBILE GAMES Google searches Olympics website visits NBC and BBC streams 7OTHER FACTSSecond-screen viewing didn’t diminish but rather enhanced Overall, nearly 56 percent of people who followed the Almost half a billion viewers followed the Olympic coverageviewers’ interest in watching the Games on TV.8 Games on TV and at least one other screen did so of Chinese state broadcaster CNTV via PCs, mobile and simultaneously. These viewers also watched TV for 67 connected devices.10 6 percent longer than those who only watched TV.9
  7. THE MOBILE GAMESFans followed the Games with their mobile devices and computers.Nearly half of the audience (44 percent) used these “second screens”to customize a more personalized viewing experience with constant,real-time updates. 11ConclusionsContent followed Audiences tailored Viewers reacted in real Mobility impactedpeople not locations. content to their time with others during efficiency, as 2 in personal and not events, enhancing 5 British workers familial or group needs. “their” Games through watched the Olympics opinions and feedback. at work on desktops or on their smart phones. This multi-platform viewership resulted in an estimated USD $144 Million loss of productivity.12 7
  8. THE FEMALE GAMESGOLD MEDALS Women/TOTAL 13United States 29 46China 20 38Great Britain 10 29OTHER FACTSThe five athletes with the greatest percentage increase in Gabby Douglas won the title of “Most-Clicked Athlete” on The USA’s women’s soccer team has won gold in fourmentions were women, most of whom didn’t have a large fan NBCOlympics.com, crushing Michael Phelps by more than of the last five Olympics (and a silver in 2000 after abase prior to the Games.14 11 million views. Her Facebook following increased by a disputed overtime goal in the final). The quality of play whopping 3,944 percent during the Games.15 did not prevent the U.S. women’s professional league 8 from disbanding in 2012.16
  9. THE FEMALE GAMESWomen athletes were a prominent theme during the Olympics. In the1984 Los Angeles Games, only 24 percent of the athletes were women.In the London Games, women represented 44.4 percent of the athletes,with every country sending at least one woman. None symbolizedachievement more than the first female athlete from Saudi Arabiato participate in the Games. 17ConclusionsCan the masses get as excited The IOC organization needs There may be significantand be as supportive of women to reflect the balance of its opportunities to use womenathletes in professional leagues constituents—its athletes. athletes as advertisingas they are when those athletes While 44% of the athletes in the spokespeople given theirare representing their countries? London Olympics were women, success and visibility in the only 20 percent of the IOC’s Olympics. However, studies members are women.18 show that women athletes are generally paid less and used less effectively than their male counterparts.19 9
  10. THE ENABLED GAMES BIGGER OLYMPIC HD SCREEN 33.1 MILLION PIXELS 23 BIG 634,000 LEDs transform the Olympic venue into the STANDARD HD SCREEN World’s Largest TV Screen 22 1.3 MILLION PIXELSFASTERRace timers now accurate to0.00001 sec. 20 FAST Nike Pro TurboSpeed uniforms are 0.023 seconds faster over 100 meters than are 21 previous track uniforms.OTHER FACTSDuring the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, OMEGA The Twinscam camera from Japanese broadcasting NBC reported that viewers of the London Olympicsused only 30 stopwatches. For the 2012 Games, the company NHK combines images from its two lenses— streamed a total of 20.4 million hours of video,company used more than 40 tons of equipment, 450 one above and one below the water—to create a single shot. and 30 percent of the total streams were viewedprofessional timekeepers and 800 trained volunteers to The result is an unbroken, undistorted view of swimmers.25 via mobile applications. 26keep time. OMEGA also used 320 sport-specific scoreboards 10and 180 kilometers of cable and optical fiber. 24
  11. THE ENABLED GAMESFor those watching the Olympics, technology facilitated the delivery of acompletely heightened experience. Broadcasters simultaneously streamedevents across multiple devices through multiple platforms, enablingmultiscreen viewing and more program customization than ever before.Today, technology is an essential force in every athlete’s life. Both beforeand during the Olympics it is a required ingredient in fueling, shapingand evaluating performance. Technology plays a pivotal role in howathletes are trained, the gear they use, how they are measured andeverything they consume.ConclusionsThe combination of science Technology enabled Oscar With ever more accurateand technology enhanced Pistorius to capture our results, there is less potentialperformances to an hearts and minds and to for human error.unprecedented degree, serve as an inspiration.which could widen the Oscar embraced technologyperformance gap between to help him overcome theathletes in first and third- seemingly impossible toworld countries. achieve the unimaginable. 11
  12. THE INTIMATE GAMES Congrats to Michael Phelps for breaking the all-time Olympic medal record. You’ve made your country proud. -bo @BarackObama Thank you Mr. President!! It’s an honor representing the #USA!! THE POSE THE POSE The best country in the world!! RT @BarackObama: ... tmi.me/ux7k2 @MichaelPhelps ROYAL FANATICS High praises to my good friend Michael Phelps for becoming the greatest Olympian of all time.USA!!MISSY MAKES A MUSIC VIDEO Lil Wayne WEEZY F ‫@‏‬LilTunechi Athlete SPECTATOR Thanks bro!!! RT ALilTunechi: High praises to my good friend Michael Phelps for becoming the Olympian of all time. USA!! @MichaelPhelps THE QUEEN DROPS IN NBA STARS LIKE NEVER SEEN BEFORE “@justinbieber: heard @FranklinMissy is a fan of mine. now im a fan of hers too. CONGRATS on winning GOLD! #muchlove” I just died! Thankyou! @FranklinMissy SMIRK GOES VIRAL JOHN LENNON AT THE CLOSING 24 OTHER FACTS The Queen’s surprising appearance was among the most Missy Franklin’s and Michael Phelps’ congratulatory tweets The U.S. Men’s Basketball team tweeted pictures of tweeted comments about the opening ceremony. 25 27 from President Obama and Justin Bieber 26, and the virality 28 behind-the-scenes moments, including team lunches of Mckayla Maroney’s smirk/frown 27 showed both sides of 29 and teammates sleeping on the bus. 28 30 12 the power of reach and immediacy.
  13. THE INTIMATE GAMESAn array of very human, very intimate and very moving momentsbrought us closer to the Games than ever before. From the Queendropping from a helicopter into the opening ceremonies to the imageand voice of John Lennon virtually serenading a billion viewers in theclosing ceremonies, sacred icons, idols and heroes were staged inengaging and entertaining ways.ConclusionsThe boundaries between The widespread use of Rich content created byathletes and spectators social media involved fans athletes (images, videos,eroded, providing deeper with sponsors on a level tweets) became high-valued,engagement for all who never before experienced. showcased features intook part. traditional broadcast and print media and often achieved viral power on their own. 13
  14. The social, mobile, female, enabled, intimate gamesGeater use of social media and technology transformed the Olympics into both agreater spectacle and a more intimate Games. The London Olympics offered a richexperience for athletes and spectators alike, engaging participants separated byoceans, time zones and cultures.Combined, the social, mobile, female, enabled and intimate aspects of these Gameshave transformed what we expect from major events, the brands that sponsoror affiliate with them, the participants, and the spectators. For two weeks this summer,the global community tuned in, followed, friended, shared and browsed, and in so doingperhaps embodied the Olympic spirit better than ever before. 14
  15. acknowledgementsEXECUTIVE EDITOR:Mario NatarelliEDITORIAL AND DESIGN TEAM:Melissa KalishDaryl DrabinskyMarc RabinowitzSteve SantangeloRina PlaplerSidney BlankSpecial thanks to the entire team at MBLM for their contributions, observations,insights and input — their FTLR work during the Games and beyond made thisreport possible.FLTR is a monthly collection of shared ideas, thoughts and reflections gatheredfrom our work and the world around us.COPYRIGHT © All rights reserved. 2012 15
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