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Ogilvy PR’s Approach to Crisis Management
Ogilvy PR believes that crisis management is not a formulaic process. Every crisis situation is
unique and must be managed accordingly. Any set of rules or tools tailored too narrowly to
the needs of a hypothetical crisis scenario would be too confining to be of practical value
when a genuine crisis develops.

There are certain core principles beneath successful crisis management, however. Developing
appropriate tactics on the basis of these principles enables an organisation’s leadership to
remain focused and effective as crises unfold, which they usually do with blistering speed.

Once your management is grounded in the core principles and methodologies, Ogilvy PR can
respond effectively to a wide range of distinct crises. Anticipating the types of crises that a
company is likely to encounter can help develop useful frameworks. Further, the skills needed
to implement a crisis response can be amplified and honed through simulations that put
management through the paces of a realistic crisis situation.

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